Makita Cordless Vacuums, XCV04Z & Backpack Vac XCV05Z

Cordless Vacuums

Cordless vacuums that use power tool batteries have been out for many years however the power and runtime have kept them limited to smaller units that look like 80’s Dustbusters or hand held shop vacs. Makita is the first to launch a “full size” cordless/corded shop vac XCV04Z ($569) on casters which can be rolled around the jobsite easily. Full Size referring to features and power, which when plugged into AC is an impressive 127 CFM. The cordless backpack vacuum XCV05Z ($329) is another first, for complete mobility this is an ideal solution. In addition to these cordless solutions hitting the market as we speak, Makita is also working on some coming soon projects like the cordless robotic vac to clean large areas autonomously, similar to a Roomba vacuum but capable of clearing 1/2 football field (not yet releasing in US).

Makita Cordless/Corded HEPA Shop Vac XCV04Z

The new cordless Makita shop vac is still designed to be very compact, so only has a limited 2.1 gallon holding tank which means you will need to empty it frequently. We say “full size” because it does have all the features of a larger shop unit, rolling casters, 8’ hose and 20’ AC power cord. The vac is also very powerful at 127CFM while using AC power, and 74 CFM while using 2x 18V Makita LXT batteries with 30 minute runtime (5.0Ah BL1850). In terms of power 127 CFM is 96” of water lift suction is close to their 12 gallon VC4710 ($559) with 135 CFM, 74 CFM is 36” of water lift suction. The smaller tank is designed to keep this unit a small, lightweight and portable as possible, empty without batteries it weighs 21.8 lbs (w/batteries).

36V cordless vacuum

Under the new OSHA Silica Regulations 125 CFM (25 CFM per 1” diameter) is required for 5” wheel cutting or grinding in concrete so while plugged in this unit would work for those applications. While using in cordless mode it would still be a great solution for jobsite cleanup and would meet OSHA rules for silica dust for drilling when connected to a rotary hammer but would not meet the code for cutting and grinding concrete.

Makita Cordless HEPA Backpack Vac XCV05Z

For cleanup of any large space whether it be a jobsite, sports arena, warehouse, mall, office, etc you are not always going to be within 20’ of an outlet with live power. By strapping the lightweight vac (only 9.4 lbs with batteries) to your back you now have both hands free to use the collector or other tools. The motor is a powerful Brushless 36V (using 2x 18V LXT) that generates 53 CFM or 28.5” of water lift suction. Runtime on the backpack on high setting will last 60 minutes with 2x 5.0Ah batteries but does not have an AC power option.

18V backpack vac

The filtration system is HEPA rated and the vac can be attached to rotary drills for silica dust collection when drilling into concrete. The tank capacity is only ½ gallon so you’ll need to empty with each use but also this keeps the weight down. The unit is controlled with corded remote that has a belt clip for easy access/stowing, the remote also features a handy LED flash light which could always come in handy.

Makita Cordless Robotic Vacuum

Makita Robotic Vacuum

The overseas part number for the Makita Cordless Robotic Vac is DRC200 but will probably have a different US number when released here (no release date yet). The unit is powered by 2x 18V LXT batteries and has 2 modes of operation; sweep collection with vacuum or sweep collection without vacuum. In sweep with vacuum it will collect debris and dust is also sucked up which can clean about a ¼ of football field on a single charge (2x 5.0Ah batteries). The sweep without vacuum collects larger pieces of larger debris but does not vacuum up fine dust, in this mode it’ll do about ½ football field on a single charge which might be satisfactory for a warehouse setting. More info and pricing to come on this unit if it makes it to the US.

Makita Robot Vacuum

Makita is very interested in continue to grow their cordless line up as well as cater to continued changes in OSHA regulation. We would not be surprised to continue to see advancements in dust containment to go right along with new cordless tools and technologies. For any questions on any Makita Tools give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.

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