Kett Tools KSV-434 Vacuum Saw to Meet EPA Requirements


The Kett Vacuum Saw KSV-434 ($445, Ohio Power Tool) has been around for many years and during that time has been a very popular tool. One of the most common applications have been for disaster recovery such as fire & flood repair. This work is made much easier with these Kett Saws because it is so easy to cut into paneling and drywall at a selected depth by setting the depth gauge. This allows for a very clean removal without damaging the studs and framing. For this reason remodeler also find the tool extremely handy when it comes to this kind of task.    

We found a very good example of this process in a blog post from the Boistfort Valley Organic Farm. They unfortunately had some flood damage in 2007 but they documented the repairs on it very toughly, you can see in the above images. After the damage occurred the drywall and insulation are removed to a clear point above the damaged area. Then the area is cleaned, repaired and put back to better than before. Looks like these nice folks had some support from friends and family which is always a big help as well.

Recently all the Vacuum Kett saws have been making the news again and found much wider appeal as the EPA regulations for lead paint dust and containment have become very stringent. With $30,000+ fine hanging overhead a $445 investment in a dust collecting Kett saw starts to seem pretty minimal. The positive here is that if you do purchase one of these saws you won’t regret it. Our carpenter friend Doug Mahoney did a nice article for Tools of the Trade Magazine and he highlights some additional benefits for remodelers.

If you are interested in any Kett Tools including saws, shears or replacement parts give the guys a Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424. They really know their Kett Tools.  

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