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Kett Tools KSV-434 Vacuum Saw to Meet EPA Requirements

  The Kett Vacuum Saw KSV-434 ($445, Ohio Power Tool) has been around for many years and during that time has been a very popular tool. One of the most common applications have been for disaster recovery such as fire & flood repair. This work is made much easier with these Kett Saws because it is so easy to cut into paneling …

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Kett KD-446 Profile Shears for Corrugated Metal & Curve Cuts

Kett metal shears are the standard in the business, if you are using another brand chances are you are still probably using a Kett head and shear blades. One problem with most metal shears however is it can be difficult to make tight radius cuts or work with corrugated metals. The new Kett Profile Shears KD-446 ($265, Ohio Power Tool) …

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