Keep on strutin’ with the Wilton Strut Cutter

The local Wilton rep stopped by the shop and got this bad boy out. It really is a nice piece of equipment. We’re talking just 3 seconds to cut your struts, a 7 second change cycle, and no time de-burring! I mean, if you are hanging miles of struts, you’d be crazy not to look into this.

We know the old saying “measure twice, cut once.” However, we still manage to measure once and cut twice. We’ve all done it. At least with the Wilton Strut Cutter, you’re cutting down that much needed production time and material cost! The shearing action of the Wilton Strut Cutter provides a burr free cut that requires no post processing, nishing, or burr removal. This kit is designed for portability, durability and ease of use. Also, the Wilton Strut Cutter is made in the U.S!

When you’re ready to boost production time and save money, visit Ohio Power Tool at or call 1-800-242-4424 and let these guys help make it happen!

Wilton Strut Cutter (no hydraulic unit): $1,999.95
Wilton Strut Cutter Starter Kit: $4,999.97

How much time could you save upgrading to the Wilton Strut Cutter? Let me know in the comments below.

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