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Keep on strutin’ with the Wilton Strut Cutter

The local Wilton rep stopped by the shop and got this bad boy out. It really is a nice piece of equipment. We’re talking just 3 seconds to cut your struts, a 7 second change cycle, and no time de-burring! I mean, if you are hanging miles of struts, you’d be crazy not to look into this.

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Current Tools 2” Pipe Bending Machine 747 Omni Bender

For those that aren’t familiar with the Current Tool brand they are a relatively new manufacturer (little over 15 years) focused on tools for professional electricians. Several reasons we’ve found many pros like the brand; first almost everything they make is built in USA Greenville, SC. Second they are very responsive with customer service and rarely ever back orders. Third …

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Milwaukee Test & Measure Tools – Multimeters & Forkmeters

As you may have already seen from the two posts yesterday Milwaukee has a lot of new test & measure tools coming in July. Just to clarify these are not some re-branded cheap import items painted red. Milwaukee has been working on these new tools for some time and has hired industry leaders, in some case from top competitors, to …

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Milwaukee M12 Clamp-Gun & Alkaline Clamp Meters

As part of the new Milwaukee Line of Test & Measurement Tools there are 4 different options for Clamp Meters. The M12 Clamp-Gun meters are two of the new meters that work with the M12 battery system. The gun design makes the display easier to read the display in many situations. The 2238-21 unit is specifically designed for HVAC/R use …

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