Milwaukee’s New Interchangeable Powered Auger System

Milwaukee is continuing to show its dominance in the marketplace by providing innovative, problem-solving solutions for professionals. Just announced, they introduced a a game-changing solution for unclogging toilets, urinals and floor traps for service plumbers and facility maintenance professionals. The new TRAPSNAKE Porcelain Auger System is scheduled to be released in March. Utilizing the M12 battery technology, professional plumbers will have the luxury using a powerful, yet compact tool , that is light weight and delivers superior results. While some plumbing tools may require the M18 battery, the  M18 chargers were engineered to all charge the M12’s at the same time.  

The new M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver will be equipped with multiple attachments, featuring a number of industry firsts including a telescoping cable lock, a fixed rubber boot and replaceable cables. Choose between a 6′ Toilet Auger and 4′ Urinal Auger extension. These tools will be ideal to work along with other Milwaukee M12 plumbing products such as M-spector cameras, PEX & copper tube cutters and pressing tools for PEX and copper.

Stay posted for updates and as always be sure to give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424 with any of your Milwaukee Tool questions!


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