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Ridgid, Plumbing Tools You Can Trust

Spring is moving in fast and Rigid Tools is ready to kick off the season with their “2018 Spring Promo” mail-in rebate. We understand mail-in rebates could sometimes be a pain. This one is worth it. Inspection, SeeSnakes, Thermal, Locating, Drain Cleaning, Jetters and Pressing items are all included with this promotion. We’ve attached the promotional PDF to provide more details. …

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Milwaukee’s New Interchangeable Powered Auger System

Milwaukee is continuing to show its dominance in the marketplace by providing innovative, problem-solving solutions for professionals. Just announced, they introduced a a game-changing solution for unclogging toilets, urinals and floor traps for service plumbers and facility maintenance professionals. The new TRAPSNAKE Porcelain Auger System is scheduled to be released in March. Utilizing the M12 battery technology, professional plumbers will have …

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Ridgid Plumbing Tools 2014 Spring Fling Promotions

It is that time of the year again for the Ridgid Tools Spring Fling Promotions on their most popular inspections, cleaning, fabrication and pressing equipment. There are some pretty nice individual deals as well as a few build your own packages that offer some very nice savings as well. Below are a few that caught our eye right off the …

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Ridgid Roadshow Columbus Stop – Pictures & Video

Last Friday was the Ridgid Roadshow’s Columbus, Ohio stop. The weather was great, the bratwursts were delicious and all the new Ridgid tools were on hand with experts from Ridgid doing demonstrations. CJ Perry, Jan/Feb from the calendar, was also on hand signing Ridgid Calendar and looking amazingly good. All in all a real nice day and everyone who came …

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Power Tool & Equipment Rentals

  Renting vs Buying It can be difficult to predict the future and determine what is going to be best for your needs in the long run. There are a few basic things to look at which will help guide you in making the right financial decision for what is right for you personally or your business. Frequency – How …

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Ridgid SuperFreeze & Pipe Thawers

When it comes to pipe maintenance the easiest thing to do is obviously shut the entire system down and work at your leisure to fix any problems. Of course this not always an option. In some cases work needs to be done without shutting off the water supply. In these cases a very handy tool to have around is the …

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Largest Product Launch Ever for Milwaukee Power Tools

In October Milwaukee Power Tool will launch its largest release of new products ever. The 2 lines of products currently exist but this will greatly expand on both of these lines and truly give them a foothold into several new markets. The new products will be part of the new M12 (12 volt) & M18 (18 volt) tool lines.   …

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