Dremel Rotary Tool 4200 with EZ Change Accessory Swapping

Dremel 4200 Case

Dremel has been synonymous with the rotary tool for as long as I can remember, although in recent years we have seen Dremel start to get into new complimentary tool areas with their Multi-Max oscillating tools, Saw-Max and most recently the Moto-Saw (read our recent review). These complimentary tool lines, however, have not taken their focus off their long standing heritage of being the premier brand in rotary tools. This is reiterated with the launch of the Dremel 4200-6/40 ($129, Ohio Power Tool) their latest rotary tool that not only adds the convenience of tool free accessory change but receives a number of additional upgrades that really make the 4200 series the complete package.

The EZ Change feature is of course the biggest improvement, and it is hard to believe we have made it this long without seeing a tool free option. Similar to the push in the oscillating tool market, once you have the option to have tool free blade changes it seems like a huge pain any other way. I have actually lost the wrench to the cordless 8200 Dremel unit before and ordering a new one is a pain that should never need to occur.

Dremel 4200

Comparing the heads, the 4200 gets a beefier collet housing and metal threads vs the plastic threads of older models. The Dremel cases have also been a sour spot with us in the past. Flimsy latches and cheap construction look to be a thing of the past with the new 4200 which addresses pretty much all these issues.

Dremel 4200 Latch

If you don’t have the 129 clams to shell out for a new one, Ohio Power Tool is currently giving one away for FREE in their current Facebook Contest (ends 3/22/2013). Of course they know their stuff when it comes to all the Dremel products, so if you have any other questions give these guys a call 800-242-4424 and they should be able to help you out.

Dremel 4200 case

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