CH Hanson Retractable Carpenter’s Pencil Pull 10570


My parents live in the same house as when I was born and since then there have been many additions/improvements to the home including a new garage, master bedroom, sunroom, deck/patio (twice), front porch, remodeled kitchen, various bath remodels & many other projects along the way. Thinking back one thing that always sticks in my head was an image of dad with that pencil behind his ear, once that happened we knew dad meant business. It was time to stand back and watch the wood chips fly.

CH Hanson knows how important good marking tools are and is hoping to give folks a better pencil storage device with their new Retractable Pencil Pull 10570 ($3.49, Lowes). We have seen these types of devices before with keys but is a very handy application to have on your tool belt. Also these are the only pulls that work with carpenter pencils we could find, although we did see some other for sharpies and pens.

It comes with a half length pencil which works much better in the Pencil Pull. We haven’t even seen this size pencil sold but 3 seconds with just about any saw would give you twice as many of these sized refills. Still time left to pick one up before Christmas, it would make a great stocking stuffer for that handyman who already has a ton of tools.

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