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Irwin Vise-Grip vs CH Hanson Automatic 10” Locking Pliers

  From time to time here at Coptool World Headquarter we receive some interesting marketing for new power tools, accessories and hand tools. From miniature “Heavy Metal” guitars to Sawzall blades with our name on them we do enjoy a little flair when launching a new product. CH Hanson sent us a nice simple package which we thought was very …

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CH Hanson Retractable Carpenter’s Pencil Pull 10570

  My parents live in the same house as when I was born and since then there have been many additions/improvements to the home including a new garage, master bedroom, sunroom, deck/patio (twice), front porch, remodeled kitchen, various bath remodels & many other projects along the way. Thinking back one thing that always sticks in my head was an image of …

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Power Tool Drag Races – This Saturday @ Idea Foundry

Have you ever wondered what that Pine Wood Derby Car you built when you were 8 would look like if you feed it steroids and powered it with a circular saw… If you will be anywhere near Columbus Ohio THIS SATURDAY I would encourage anyone and everyone to come out for the 1st Annual Power Tool Drag Races. The event …

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