For the last 90 years, Festool has been making perfection their tradition. They make some of the most sought after power tools in the industry. Leaning heavily on innovation, their well built tools have been found in the shops of furniture makers, remodelers, painters, framers and even automotive professionals.

It’s Friday February 28th 2020 and this is what is coming up next on the Week In Review. The Cordless Sawsquatch won’t quit, TRZ puts 10″ up against 12″, and Robillard clamps a pipe, This is the Power Tool Week In Review. Before we get into the news, we want to take a moment to talk about one of our …

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Festool Emerald Series Tools

This year, Festool is celebrating 20 years providing their high-quality tools to dealers across the USA. Well known today for their track saws, precision cutting, routers, dominos, systainer system, dust collection, sanders and accessories that perform best in class. On October 21st a select number of Festool Dealers will start shipping limited edition Emerald Series power tools including special blue …

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