Festool Vacs, Hikoki Drills, and THE BEST Cordless Nailers! – Coptool Week In Review 8/23/19 EP 222

This Week Roger teaches us the difference between Drills and Impacts. Kyle and Greg toss their tapes in the mud. And Finally, the greatest cordless 18g Brad Nailer gets crowned. This is your Coptool Week In Review!

 Let’s start off right in the Tool Review Zone, where clint was put under pressure by Ryobi. Clint reviews a new Ryobi 3200 PSI Battery Start Pressure washer. After fawning over the electric start, he puts it through its paces cleaning his driveway he even scores some brownie points by washing his wife’s car! You can watch the video for yourself at Tool Review Zone on Youtube.  

Now I’m asked often what the difference is between a drill and an impact. Fortunately for me,  Roger from Skill Builder posted an excellent video this week that covers both types of tools, their differences, and their applications. So now I don’t have to answer any of you guys anymore. As long as you can understand his accent, you can watch the video at Skill builder on Youtube.

Scott Brown is back on the job this week, and he took the time to talk about the importance of using a proper vac on the Jobsite. The materials he cuts on a regular basis can be toxic to breathe, especially the treated lumber you’ll find in most of his projects. Scott’s vac of choice is predictably his Festool, which looks like a CT Midi, which is always hiding in the background of his work videos. You can catch up with Scott at Scott Brown Carpentry on Youtube.

This week my talented team of contractors thoroughly tested the four best cordless 18 Gauge Brad nailers on the market. We used several methods to determine whether the best nailer was the Milwaukee, Makita, DeWALT or Metabo HPT. Then we delivered the info in the most informative and best-looking way possible. To find out who won, head over to Tool Box Buzz on Youtube.

Last of all, the trouble makers at RR Building got distracted from work again this week. This time they found themselves impressed with the Lufkin Shockforce tapes and wondered out loud if the 100’ fall protection was real. So, of course, they took turns launching them into the mud. Impressed with their orbital attributes, Kyle’s only complaint was the 25’ size. Apparently, post frame buildings are sometimes longer than 25’. Kyle, I’ve got a tip for ya. We’re huge fans of the Shockforce too. And I just saw a 35’ version while walking through Ohio Power Tool yesterday, and I bet if you emailed Jay and promised him a selfie at STAFDA, he’d send ya one. Just say’n. You can purchase your 35′ Tape here!

First up, video production is NOT an inherent ability. Just because you’re a talented woodworker, craftsmen or metal worker, does NOT mean you can shoot and edit a good story. But once in a while, someone comes along that not only builds something great, but makes a video that’s just as fun to watch as the project is to build. I’m talking about Fisher’s Shop. This guy is ridiculously talented, creative, and genuinely funny. This week he walks us through making a pair of trebuchets, specifically designs for waging war in with your kids in the back yard. You should really watch it at Fisher’s Shop on Youtube. 

Next up, a channel I’m completely new to, 3×3 Custom Tamar. She posted this remarkably simple waterfall side table, featuring miter joints that would usually be reinforced with a domino, but since she doesn’t have one of those, she teaches us to use a hidden spline instead. Besides being beautiful and functional, the table is also made with a single board of canary wood. So if you think this table looks cool, you’ll love watching her build it at 3×3 Custom Tamar on Youtube.

Last, of all, Nate sent us a link to a video on Instagram of his wife working on her very first woodburning project, and quite frankly it comes out so nice that it pissed me off. No one should be that good on the first go. Amanda, that sign is absolutely beautiful. We hope you make a hundred more. That’s it for this week’s Maker Break. If one of your favorite Makers builds something you’d like to see on the show, you can send it to Sarah at projects@coptool.com

A remarkable new project was announced by Madison Square Garden, who is breaking out of their 4 sided mold to build a 366-foot tall spherical event space, in Las Vegas. When completed the sphere will hold up to 17,500 fans for performances, but the main feature will be a 160,000 square foot LED Screen, promised to be the largest and highest resolution LED screen on the planet. The project alone has created 1,500 construction jobs and should be completed sometime in 2021. 

 In far less interesting news, although important, OSHA announced plans to update their 2016 silica dust regulations. Their goal is to gain feedback on additional dust control methods, as well as additional tasks and equipment not currently covered by table 1. To do this, they are currently taking comments through their website at regulations.gov. If you’re interested in contributing, be sure to do so by October 14th, 2019. 

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