You need more than 9 clamps, and DeWALT takes on Metabo HPT!

Steve Ramsey takes away all of our clamps, Clint tests a Metabo Saw that is not a Metabo and the Ozzies are back and playing with the weirdest tools! All of that and more coming up in the Week In Review!

Today we start off with the Perkins Builder Brothers, who shared 3 things you should check on your circular saw, to make sure it’s not making you a crappy carpenter. Keeping your blade both square and parallel to your base, trust me, it’s possible, and making sure your blade is in good shape are all important things that often get ignored. You can find that and more advice at Perkins builder brothers on youtube.

This next one is short, but I can’t stop watching it. Eric from Mechanical Hub got a new ladder rack from Prime Design, called the Ergo Rack. I don’t have a panel truck, and my ladder is way smaller… and I don’t need to take it anywhere, but I DON’T CARE! I want that thing! You can see it at Mechanical Hub on youtube. 

147. That’s how many clamps my Dad used to tell me I needed if I wanted to be a good woodworker. But this week Steve Ramsey called my Dad a HUGE liar. Mr. Ramsey proposed a suggestion this week, that you really only need 9 clamps. If that statement makes your blood boil so much that you need to go call him an idiot even before finishing this episode, we get that. You can find him at Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals, on youtube. We’ll wait for you…. Did you set him straight? Thanks. Sorry, Dad!

A few days ago Clint posted another tool duel, and this week he decided to compare a DeWALT jobsite saw, to the multivolt table saw from Metabo HPT. I struggled to pay attention to the whole thing because it drove me nuts that the entire time he referred to it as the “Metabo”, not the “Metabo HPT”. Just for reference, neither brand seems to like anyone messing that up. But then suddenly Clint wrapped up with “I just think that is awesome. I would say the cat’s meow… meow” and I was instantly back in my tool review zone happy place. If you’re looking for an affordable but powerful jobsite saw, the video is worth the watch at tool review zone on youtube.

On Monday this week, we woke up to a brand new video from Oz Tool Talk!

If you’re not familiar with our favorite Ozzie tool reviewers, YOU’RE NOT OUR FRIEND. But there’s still time. This week they showed off two unusual bosch tools, their 12v trim router, and the 12v compact planer, both sporting unusual although rather ingenious designs. The boys loved both tools, and spend nearly 15 minutes telling you why. To see for yourself, flip your phone upside down and head to Oz Tool Talk on youtube.

Hailey from Honest Work Designs built a minimalistic Cabinet & Shelving Unit for her living room this week. The lattice detail on one of the doors really brought a lot of character to this piece. Seriously, how does she have less than 900 subs? Not only is her work beautiful but her videos are well done and entertaining to watch. Keep up the good work Hailey! You can find her at Honest Work Designs on Youtube. 

Four Eyes Official kicked off the Rockler Bent Wood Challenge this week with a wavy Sneaker Display. He began this project with his XCarve to make the template, then routed the form to make sure every layer was perfectly smooth, which was so satisfying to watch. Chris glued up the laminate strips then clamped them into place like a laminate sandwich. Finally, he added the flat shelf to the front and now he just has to figure out where to hang it! It looks awesome Chris! You can learn more about this challenge and watch this project at Chris Salomone on YouTube! 

Okay, I don’t fan-girl often. But when I do, it is for a GOOD reason. This time I’m talking about the one, the only, April Wilkerson! Because she is amazing, and I got to meet her, and she made a guitar. She finally posted Day 1 of her guitar build with Matt Cremona and Crimson Guitar! Both my husband and I play multiple instruments, guitar included, so when April teased us that she got to make her own guitar several weeks back we had been stalking her channel waiting for this video! She shared how tedious, precise, and detailed every step is and this only covers the neck! I love it. I could have watched her and Matt make guitars all day. I was genuinely sad when it was over. As soon as you are done with Week in review go watch this video on Youtube! 

It’s not often that contractors develop entirely new methods of building high rises. A contractor in London has done just that. The Mace Group recently completed a project that featured rising pre-fabrication factories that sat atop two of the company’s under-construction residential towers. According to Mace, the waterproof factories allowed each floor to be built in just 55 hours, averaging an entire floor each week! They claim the process was “cost neutral”, but it reduced site waste by 75% through the use of prefabrication, as 98% of the project’s infrastructure was built offsite. 

If you’re looking for something entertaining AND educational to watch this weekend. The Construction Channel launched the first 3 episodes of a new series called “Six Figures, No Suits” that takes a close look at the people and processes that shape the construction industry. Focusing on 3 specific projects, they cover drilled shafts in Alabama, Dam micropiles in Wisconsin, shoring in Toronto, and antiquing in Albuquerque. One of those isn’t real, but the rest are fun to watch.

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