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It all started back in 2008 with a little spade bit that was just too aggressive to simply be called a spade bit, so the good folks a Bosch named it the Daredevil Spade Bit. Now with the launch of their new faster cutting framing saw blade (post coming soon) and renaming of their equally aggressive auger bits (previously known as the Nailkiller Augers) the Daredevil family of construction accessories is born. What better way to kick off the launch than to team up with a real life motorcross Daredevil, Mike Metzger and give lots of stuff away! Check out the new website, and enter to win one of 4 weekly prizes or the grand prize. For more info read the official Bosch press release below.     

Mount Prospect, Ill., Twist the throttle and hit the dirt, the Bosch Daredevil™ brand has teamed up with X-Games freestyle motocross gold medalist and world record holder Mike Metzger.  Known for his precision, speed and focus, Metzger’s spirit embodies the same best-in-class performance as the new Bosch Daredevil wood cutting and drilling accessories.  As part of the partnership, Metzger and Bosch will showcase Daredevil style to X-Game fans and contractors across the country.

“Like Metzger, the Bosch Daredevil series brings creativity and edge to the arena,” said Kevin Enke, marketing director, power tool accessories North America, Bosch.  “Whether through balanced performance, efficient speed or its smooth finish, the Daredevil accessories save contractors both time and money on the job.” 

The new Bosch Daredevil series includes the Daredevil spade bit, a bit that relies on an innovative threaded-tip design to provide great speed, ease of use and a high-quality hole; the Daredevil auger bit, which employs dual cutting edges to cut nails in wood, yet provides balanced drilling; and the Daredevil framing blade with its thin-kerf, extra-hard steel plate and triple-sharp carbide teeth to power through wood to deliver a combination of speed and a smooth finish.    

“The thrill of the ride is what keeps me going,” said Metzger, known as “The Godfather” of American Freestyle Motocross for pioneering the motocross back flip.  “It’s great to team up with a brand, like Bosch, that brings that same thrill to its customers by offering products that get the job done the right way every time.”

To bring its partnership with Metzger to life, Bosch has launched a “Work Hard, Play Hard” campaign that recognizes the Daredevil spirit of contractors across the country.  Now through August 25, 2011, consumers can share images of their Work Hard, Play Hard spirit on for the chance to win weekly accessories, tools and more.  One grand prize winner will receive a Weatherguard tool box signed by Metzger, Bosch Circular Saw, plus a collection of Daredevil circular blades.

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