Wilton BASH – When a Normal Hammer Just Won’t Do


Wilton has always been one of the frontrunners in durable, long-lasting tools. This is a reputation they have crafted over time and are understandably proud of. In the past they have held contests trying to discover who has the oldest and most storied Wilton vise, which has produced pictures and stories about vices that are 70+ years old. This is pretty incredible on its own, but Wilton is still a current company that is currently innovating and producing tools while the vises they made in 1941 are still in use.

This brings me to my next point: The BASH line of hammers and sledge hammers are pretty unreasonably tough. Some people may wonder why exactly a sledgehammer needs to be so “indestructible,” but anyone who has broken a wood or fiberglass handle off of a hammer and had to buy a new one more than once would probably understand the value of a sledge that is guaranteed to not have the head fly off the handle or break. Wilton is so sure of the ability of their BASH line of hammers to take abuse that they are offering $1000 to anyone that can break the handle of one of these beasts. And, on top of all that, according to this video it shoots lighting and stuff.

You can buy BASH hammers at Ohio Power Tool, and you can find out more about Wilton’s $1000 BASH Challenge here. If you have any questions about BASH hammers or anything else power tool, you can call a pro at (800) 242-4424.

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