Wilton BASH Announces 4 New Splitting Maul Axes

Bash Splitting Maul Axes

Wilton just announced a new line of Splitting Maul to join the ranks of their extremely popular line of indestructible BASH sledge hammers we’ve posted on previously. These new splitting mauls are made in pretty much the exact same way and carry with them the same $1000 guarantee which we think gives even more piece of mind when it comes to a tool with a sharpened edge. The 4 new tool options are the 6lb 30” 50630 ($79), 6lb 36” 50636 ($84), 8lb 30” 50830 ($94) and finally the 8lb 36” 50836 ($99).

Technically we should not refer to these splitting mauls as “Axes”, which we’re sure upsets some folks as an ax is a much thinner sharper tool used for cross chopping wood. A maul is a wider tool used to split bolts of wood into more manageable pieces that fit into a fire place. Using a real “ax” to chop wood is a much more work and good luck ever bringing a tree down with a Maul. That being said we’ve heard mauls called axes or splitting axes all the time, so that’s what we mean. We do hope to see some true Wilton BASH Axes in the future, the chopping kind.

Bash Splitting Maul Axes


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