Wilton ATV Truck Trailer & Bench Vise 10010

Wilton ATV Vise

Wilton is the name most people think of when you think of a heavy duty shop vise. On the jobsite however these heavy duty vises have simply been impractical because of sheer weight. More often you’ll find the portable chain vises on the jobsite which do a fine job of holding pipe and other material as well as being relatively portable. These vises are nice for cutting material but not clamping and certainly not as an anvil striking surface.

Handmade Trailer Vise

Wilton identified an opportunity as they saw folks actually bolting their Wilton vises to tailgates and making their own trailer hitch vises. The Wilton ATV Vise 10010 ($199) obviously takes this a step further so you can bolt the vise base to a bench for work in the garage/shop and easily transfer it to any 2” trailer hitch giving it a lot more versatility.

The Wilton ATV “All Terrain Vise” is designed with portability in mind (33 lbs compete) from the duel base design to the built-in handle to easily go from one to the other. Even though the vise is lightweight it does have a large anvil surface for striking in either mount. Of course with this design a lot of consideration was paid to minimizing vibration in the trailer hitch both in use and transportation. A solid locking pin is another key feature that will ensure the vise is still there when you need it. The vice is constructed of 60,000 psi ductile iron so it’ll be able to last for many years battling the elements inside or out.

Wilton ATV Vise

The vise itself has a 5-3/4” opening, 5” through depth with 6” wide vise grips. It also features a pipe grip which can handle round stock from ¾” to 3” diameter. With on and off the jobsite versatility this is an incredible useful tool we think will become a staple for many when it launches in April 2014. If you have any questions on any Wilton Vises or clamps give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424.

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