Will you use RYOBI on the JOB SITE?! They think you will NOW! Plus your power tool news! S3E31

Milwaukee NPS2020 is now Pipeline, Ryobi gets compacted, and Sarah is out because my Daughter is sick, which makes no sense, This isn’t Oz Tool Talk yet the whole world is upside down anyways. This is your power tool week in review. Welcome back power tool fans. I’m Rob, It’s July 31st, 2020, and unfortunately my daughter is sick so out of an abundance of caution, Sarah can’t shoot with me today, but I’m still going to do the power tool news, but I’m gonna do a short show so I can stop acting like I’m feeling fine, and get back in bed.. Let’s get to it…

Just in case your phone died this week, Milwaukee finally announced a replacement for NPS20, and it’s called PIPELINE. That’s right, Milwaukee is taking their annual New Product Symposium ONLINE, in a series of 5 different hour long videos, the first launching on August 20th. The best part? YOU can watch it too. This is the first time that the Public has been welcomed into NPS, if only on their phones. Several of our favorite content creators are planning streaming parties where you’ll be able to watch as a group. We’ll update you with those once they’re confirmed. To get registered to watch it yourself, Click Here!

Ryobi, pronounced that way because I say so, held an online new product event yesterday, and revealed a new compact line of brushless power tools. Adding to their already ridiculously large family of ONE+ tools, over 175 of them, they released the new Ryobi ONE+ HP! The HP stands for Hilarious Prestidigitation, or “funny slight of hand” huh? High Performance. It stands for high performance of course!… makes more sense. These new tools ALL feature brushless motors, Advanced technology and most notably, they are really compact! The most compact in their class! “No one is smaller than us” says Ryobi awkwardly. One example is their new drill, which is 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the drill it replaces. The line includes that drill, and impact, a right angle drill, recip saw, an impact wrench, cutoff tool and they’re promising us more. This first batch should be available in Home Depot in early September, and on their website in August! You can find more information at ryobitools.com/HP

I know we don’t usually cover Ryobi, but Sarah isn’t here so I can cover whatever I want. Also, I don’t feel good, so I’m going to do what I want. That’s why we’re headed into the tool review zone next. Usually Clint reviews power tools. But once in a while, he dips his chips in the crazy sauce. This week he did and entire video on Battery adapters, so he can do the absolutely unthinkable, and attach a Milwaukee battery to a Makita drill. Gross Clint. So gross. He then goes on to show off how well this works, while hiding the results behind the battery FAKE NEWS. Anyways, there’s no way I’m going to condone these battery adapters, however I love Clint, so go watch his video.

Sarah is going to be really upset with me if I don’t cover at least one REAL tool review. Fortunately I can always count on PTR. That’s Pro Tool Reviews to you young’ns. And this week they rolled out a new head to head format, starting off with a Best Cordless Rear Handle Worm-Drive style saw from DeWALT and Milwaukee. Normally Clint and Kenny are good enough to test a couple saws, but these are WORM DRIVE saws… kinda. So they figured they should call in some help. That’s where Tom Gage comes in, who isn’t just a co-founder of Pro Tool Reviews, but he’s also a client. The three tool testers put both saws through a gauntlet of tests, and then spent some time debating over their pros and cons. If you know you want a rear handle saw, but not sure what color, these boys can help you out at Pro Tool Reviews on YouTube.

There Sarah. Real tool reviews. Are you happy now? Oh crap. Construction Junkie. Ok let’s make this quick. Blah blah construction stuff. Autodesk released 15 software updates, which I’m sure excites you BIM 360 users. Ummmm, Hilti announced an exoskeleton, but there’s not video of it so I think it’s fake. Lets see, and Travelers insurance wants to pay you to use Procore. For these stories and more, head over to construction junkie on YouTube. I’m sorry Shane, I’m really not feeling well.

I’m so sick that Rob Robillard was afraid to shoot a segment for us. I don’t blame him. And I’m sure there are tons of great things to see on Instagram this week from Thibault at French_MTL_Carpentry, Paul the ToolPig, Joe the Canadian Carpenter, Sarah from Tool Girls Garage, Murray from Krugerconstruction, Ethan from the BuildwithEthan, Travis from Toolsbydesign, John the OGplumbgod, and… the rest. But I really need to wrap this up. So if you guys could all just go browse instagram until you find something you like, I’d appreciate it.

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