When will Milwaukee Launch the replacement for OXX Coffeeboxx? Power Tool News S4E03

This week, we talk about the Ultimate Jobsite Coffee machine, meeting its ultimate end, And our Aussie buddies show off another Bosch tool you can’t have. THIS is your power tool week in review.

Wes Hamstra – Domino vs Pocket Holes

Up first, The Festool Domino has always been a capable, convenient and seriously expensive solution for woodworking joinery. And Pocket holes have been the capable, convenient and seriously cheap solution. This week Wes from Wes Hamstra Wood Working, wanted to know which solution was best. 

There are a lot of differences between a domino mortise and tenon joint, and pocket hole screws. Clearly, mortise and tenons are going to be hidden, and while pocket holes CAN be hidden, it’s kind of a pain. And a good domino joint can be used to perfectly align two pieces as well. But Wes was more curious about the strength of each joint. So he decided to put the two options through a stress test, which as it turns out, is insanely stressful to watch. Waiting for that bucket to drop was almost too much. Anyways, I’ve always assumed a mortise and tenon was a stronger joint than a couple of pocket hole screws. Was I right? Head over to Wes Hamstra on Youtube to find out.

Tool Review Zone – Husky Shelves

Every Tool Fan eventually needs storage, and heavy duty shelves are a must. This week we purchased a new Huskey 10,000 lb steel shelf to help us store some of our tools, and its working great. And as it turns out, Clint from Tool Review Zone bought the exact same shelves, on the exact same day. But his experience was NOT the same. 

Clint brought home his shelves with the same excited expectations we had, but they were quickly squashed by literal hours of struggle. Parts didn’t fit, sections were warped, and nothing seemed right. After banging it with a hammer for a while, he finally gave up, and shared his frustrations with the rest of us. After a lot of commenters claimed to have good experiences with it, he decided to take it back and try a new one. While at Home Depot, he even noted that their floor model was warped as well. 

Clint made a follow up video showcasing his new one, and had a much better experience. He did however point out how poorly the shelves were packed, which would likely lead to more lemons. So if you’re in the market for some great looking heavy duty shelves, you can get them at HD for less than $200, just be sure to check the box for damage first. For his full and entertaining review, head over to Tool Review Zone on Youtube.

Oz Tool Talk – Bosch Bi-Turbo 12” cordless saw

Our favorite Aussies are back showing off more tools that they can buy in Australia, but we can’t buy in the states. This time Rob’s favorite miter saw design, the Bosch Axial-Glide

The Bosch GCM18V-12GDC Surgeon Glide saw is a 12 in dual compound Miter saw that features Bosch’s popular Axial-Glide design, but this time it’s powered by their latest Core 18v batteries and boasts the new Bosch Bi-Turbo standard that provides advanced communication between their brushless motors and high-end lithium-ion batteries for increased performance and efficiency, which is similar to Milwaukee’s RedLink Plus. Mike and Dwayne are thrilled with this saw’s power and accuracy. But at over $1000 USD, it’s more than a tad expensive, and at 60lb, It’s not exactly the most portable of portable saws. There’s a lot more to this tool, and for that, head over to OZ Tool Talk on YouTube.

Tool Talk

Alright, let’s talk tools. Last week’s discussion was about combination tools like the Shopsmith and Ridgid’s JobMax. In the comments, several people showed support for my Makita Coffee Robot Butler, and a lot of love was shared for the Ridgid JobMax. I asked you guys to suggest a few more multi-tool designs you’d like to see, and you came up with some good ones. 

Jagar CogHeart wants a Worklight jacket, which I could totally see working like this  

Shadowz Edge suggested an MX fuel Demolition Breaker and 2” Impact Wrench combo so you can “break up concrete and then change a flat tire on the concrete truck that shows up to pour the new stuff.” Who hasn’t been there amirite? 

But my favorite came from Michael Cassidy who suggested “Milwaukee should merge a circular saw with a track of some kind.” Genius. 

For this week’s Tool Talk, we’re going to discuss Coffee on the Jobsite. Specifically, the OXX CoffeeBoxx rugged coffee Maker, which used to be wildly popular among trades people on Instagram, but suddenly closed their doors this time last year, when their board of directors and investors looked at the future costs of development and couldn’t justify it. 

That left the only solution with Makita, who currently sells a $99 coffee maker that runs on their 18V LXT Battery platform. Coffee has always been a popular drink on the jobsite, so why isn’t anyone else stepping in to fill the OXX void. Or isn’t there one to fill? If you read the reviews of the Makita, it’s often pointed out that their 5.0 battery only makes 15oz of coffee before it’s empty. I don’t know about you, but 15oz barely makes me tolerable, let alone “functional”. So what do you guys think. Should Milwaukee, DeWALT, Bosch, or anyone else make a jobsite coffee machine, and would you buy it? How much would you pay? I’ll be looking for your answers in the comments. 


Last week we finally got the ending we deserved from Skill Builder’s Multi-Tool Showdown, which you can watch right here. Special thanks to Skilsaw and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode! We couldn’t do this without you!

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