What exactly do you call this?! Plus 9 Tool Review videos! The Power Tool Week In Review! S4E19

This week, we introduce America to Sabre Saws. Plus, 9 tool reviews you won’t want to miss. This is your Power Tool Week In Review.

Mechanical Hub | Milwaukee Press Tool

This is the Milwaukee M18 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool, with One-Key, and according to Eric, it’s that last part that makes all the difference. As a pro himself, the M18 Force Logic Press Tool is incredibly important on the jobsite.

But with the new ONE-KEY version, there are some important new features. It allows you to track it, monitor it’s use, lock it out in case it’s stolen, and most importantly, ONE-KEY allows you to see how many times it’s been used, and give you diagnostics to prove every connection was made properly. And of course whenever you spend over $3 grand on a tool, it’s nice to know where it is at all times. For his full insight, and a chance to ask a pro any questions, head over to Mechanical Hub. 

Mark Thomas | ECHO

Next up, Mark Thomas shows off Echo’s biggest chainsaw ever. This is the ECHO CS dash 7310 with a huge 32” bar.

Oh that is big. Mark has been testing it for several months through the winter, and today he’s got a lot to say about it. As it turns out, Mark has been using chainsaws for over 15 years, and he’s had a lot of experience with HuskAvarna and other Echo saws, but this one is the biggest yet, and Mark really put it to work. After reviewing all of the features, including a magnesium crank case and sprocket cover… sweet. He goes on to take the saw apart so we can all enjoy the internal gooey goodness. You can watch the whole thing over at Mark Thomas Builder. 

OZ Tool Talk | Metabo Recips

The wonders from down under are back again, this time testing out a pair of Metabo Recips, one of which causes Mike to do something… odd.

It’s no secret to Oz Tool Talk Fans, that Mike likes one handed recip saws “As usual, I wet my pants over this because I love compact recips”. Soiled tracky daks aside, these Metabo recips turn out to be pretty great. And Mike may love the one-hander, but Dwayne likes the full size the best, repeatedly mentions the excellent power, and manageable form factors. They put both saws through a full range of testing, and make a good case for buying either one. Which by the way, Aussies have a lot of alternate names for things that don’t make sense, but calling Reciprocating Saws, SABER SAWS? YES, please. And I think our community of tool fans have the power to make this change here in the states. So from now on, we’ll be referring to Recip Saws, as Sabre Saws, and if you guys will do the same in the comments, we can change the world for the better. Be sure to check out the review over at Oz Tool Talk.

Man Caver Tools | Flex vs Ryobi

 Next up, Man Caver Tools decided to test the new FLEX Hammer Drill, against a Ryobi. So Dave here took down two of his 47 drills to make them fight.

This time he used the all new FLEX Turbo Hammer Drill, holy crap that’s masculine. Do they also make the FLEX ULTRA Lightening round championship edition sander? I’m not sure they have a sander, but if they did I bet it’d have a turbo button. Anyways, This Dave guy ran a bunch of tests with this FLEX Turbo Hammer Drill against a Ryobi Hammer Drill, and apparently, according to the script no one was surprised by any of the outcomes but loved watching it anyways. And you will too! For the full comparison, head over to Man Caver Tools. 

Quick Reviews

Here were a several of other review videos you should catch this week, including…Todd over at Project Farm that shared a hilarious Ratchet Strap test.

Jim over at Philly Fixed discovered the JawHorse which is a right of passage for a tool reviewer.

Jeff the Tool Furry spent 18 minutes talking about the HART New Project Showcase, and never once mentioned that I hosted it, making me question his love for me.

Vince over at VCG reviewed a bunch of screwdrivers of all things.

Over on the Torque Test Channel, the FLEX impact wrench finally gets a fair fight with the popular DeWALT 899, 

And finally, Tim from Shop Tool Reviews shows you how to add some packout mounting plates to your Milwaukee toolbox, making it harder than ever to open that hood. You can find these and all the videos we featured this week embedded in our article at beltsandboxes.com

Last week

Last week for Tool Talk, I asked you guys to tell me what new Milwaukee Tools you thought they would actually launch this year at NPS21, assuming that event even happens. But none of you answered me. Instead, you all complimented Sarah on how well she punched me. Seriously. So to punish you, there is no Tool Talk this week, and I REFUSE to let any of you comment.

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