We’re SHOCKED by who beat Makita’s Multi Tool! – Coptool Week In Reivew – 7/12/19 EP 216

FCC has nailing issues, Makita gets beat, and we all learn to use a Multimeter! Those stories and more, on this week’s Coptool Week In Review!

It’s Friday, and that means only one thing. It’s time for TOOL TEST RAW at VCG! This last week Vince and Jimmy decided to put the Makita and Dewalt multi tools into a ring, and let them fight it out. If you don’t have 2 hours to experience the true TTR, you can always watch the highlights instead. You’ll find it at VCG Construction, on Youtube.

So our Gear Wrench cabinets haven’t arrived yet. Once they’re here, it’s going to be hard to be impressed by anything else. So this week we spent some time watching MTB who reviewed a Husky 5 drawer mobile cabinet. He liked it… but probably because like us, he doesn’t have a glorious 72” gear wrench cabinet. You can catch up with him at Mark Thomas Builder on Youtube.

Do you know how to use a multimeter? Me neither. Fortunately for us, Electrician U was in session this week! If you haven’t found Electrician U yet, Dustin is awesome. His channel is dedicated to teaching all of us to be electricians.  This week he introduces us to the multimeter, and teaches us how to use it! Get started on your road to a brighter future at electrician U on youtube.

At NPS19 this year, we got to meet Martin, of En Martin’s Garage! This week Martin unboxes 7 new Craftsman tools, and says something about them in Spanish. We’re not entirely sure what he says, but he gets excited and smiles a lot! So that’s something! If you speak spanish, be sure to checkout En Martin’s Garage, on youtube.

So as it turns out, building things in your woodshop, without wood, is super hard. Fortunately this week the Third Coast Craftsman set out to teach us how to buy lumber and plywood at a hardwood dealer. His video is incredibly detailed and thorough. He even explains plywood codes! If you’re ready to get the good stuff for your next project, you should probably start at Third Coast Craftsman on Youtube.

This week Brad from Fix This Build That shared a How-To video showing us a simple plan to add drawers to any workbench. In his own entertaining way, Brad shares some helpful tips when using pocket holes and reiterates the importance of checking the base before installation. You can find the whole thing at Fix This Build That on YouTube.

Scott Brown Carpentry just finished his new workbench as well, with the help of his buddy Kameron, who’s power tool collection has us all drooling. Using plans from Ron Paulk, the two mates team up to create a custom workbench that’s perfect for anyone who travels from job site to job site! You can find this video and all of the plans for yourself at Scott Brown Carpentry on Youtube.

Finally, One of my absolute favorite makers, John Malecki, shared 5 tips on working with live edge slabs. He showed us how to pick, maintain and work with these huge examples, and ensure your live edge piece looks it’s very best when you’re done. And of course, you can find John at John Malecki, on Youtube.

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Heres how you get topsoil delivered when you cant fit a triaxle dump truck in the backyard. – Its called a “slinger” and they are capable of delivering stone, sand, mulch, and soil. – Thanks to @jclgroupinc for the service ? and Trevor the driver for the epic skill. – #aggregate #delivery #slinger #topsoil

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How about some organization for today. Helping my dad with a project and this is his router box setup. It works very well. Everything all in one box, easy to access. To find any specific tool review of mine past and present visit my profile and click on the hashtag in the description • • • • • • • • • #Carpenter #carpentry #construction #contractor #woodworker #powertools #tools #tool #cincinnati #woodworking #design #craftman #diy #instagood #handtools #wood #home #builder #constructionworker #trade #joinery #keepcraftalive #teamacme #bosch #boschpowertools #boschprofessional #boschtools @boschtoolsna

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So here’s what happened ! . . I was using the Hitachi cordless 23 gauge pin nailer of my coworker and it seems to work well until I put a fresh strip of nails. It look like the hook of the magazine isn’t strong enough and open every 2-3 nails. It’s like Russian roulette… . . My Metabo HPT cordless pin nailer do not have this problem and work flawlessly. Did anyone have the same problem with his nailer ? Metabo HPT or other brand ?

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Had to use the @ryobitoolsusa P460 18V Rotary Tool to cut off the lock on a boat trailer. The rotary tool has a variable speed dial with a Max rpm of 34,000. Bare tool is just $69 from the @homedepot #sponsored. #thdprospective . . . . #shop #shoplife #garage #diy #fabrication #mechanic #tools #work #toolsofthetrade

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