Week In Review Season 3 Premiere!

Next up on Week In Review. Skilsaw takes on DeWALT, Spense put a microwave on his tough stack and Mark Thomas is finally hearing up! This is Season 3 of the Power Tool Week In Review!

It’s been a hot minute since we left before Christmas, and a lot has happened. So to get us back in gear lets head into the Tool Review Zone where Clint has a brand new tool duel. Tool Duel. A long-time favorite of the rural juror no doubt. This time around Clint decided to line up the Makita 36v rear handle against the all-new Cordless Worm Drive from Skillsaw. Both saws are known for their power, and of course, Clint is known for his…. Shenanigans so you know this match will be good. You can find out who won at Tool Review Zone on youtube. 

We long established ourselves that the heated Axis jacket from Milwaukee is great. Rob loves his, and now so does Mark Thomas!
Mark decided to give the jacket a run for its money and found it to be not only warm but perfect for just about every occasion. Stunningly, Mark managed to finish HIS review of the M12 heated Axis jacket without crying. You can see for yourself at MarkThomasBuilder on Youtube.

Speaking of EGO, our buddies over at VCG took ownership of the all-new EGO lawnmower, just as it got too cold to mow. The all-new Gen 3 mower is certainly a sight to behold. It carries over the futuristic design found across the entire EGO line. Fortunately, as it turns out it also carries over their surprising amount of power, and a whole set of features we’ve come to expect from the Green giant. Vince clearly loves his so much, that the lack of long grass didn’t stop him from mowing the sidewalks, for his full preview, visit VCG Construction on Youtube.

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the Milwaukee packout system. We’ve considered switching to DeWALTs tough system, but quite frankly, I can’t get excited about a new tool storage system if it can’t carry around my microwave. Fortunately for me, Spenser from Insider Carpentry has a solution. Also painfully aware of DeWALTs seemingly indifference to our microwaving needs, Spenser decided to take matters into his own hands and built a custom tough stack rolling box, complete with microwave and like 40 battery holders. Utilizing the DeWALT tough system tote and a dash of ingenuity, he ends up building something that really cooks. To build your own microwave tough system, head over to Insider Carpentry on Youtube. 

It’s time for industry news, courtesy of the construction junkie. 2019 was a pile of hot garbage. But it wasn’t all terrible. Some things were looking up, mainly the people walking through our major cities, because according to The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat said that 2019 Broke the record for most supertall buildings completed. A supertall is 300 meters, or 984 feet, which is… super tall. In total, 26 supertalls were completed last year, beating out 2018 which had a pathetic 18. Where are these super tall? Most of them, literally, are in China.

Speaking of 2019, it’s easy to get lost thinking about all your favorite articles on Construction Junkie from last year. Fortunately for us, Shane, the Construction Junkie himself, compiled a list of the most viewed articles of 2019, which includes several destruction videos and it’s topped off with the 10 highest paid construction jobs that only require a high school diploma. You can read all of the top articles, and of course, catch up on the rest of your industry news every day at Construction Junkie.com

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