“It Wasn’t Even Close!” Makita DOMINATES! – Coptool Week In Review 8/2/19 EP 219

Clint wacks some serious weeds, Dustin enlightens us all and the Aussies fall for a Festool. Those stories & more on this week’s Coptool Week in Review.

Best 12V Impact Driver with Tool Box Buzz

<The hardcore group of contractors at Tool Box Buzz, are at it again this week, posting an incredibly detailed comparo. This time, they’re focused on finding the BEST 12v Impact Driver your money can buy. The tests are just as complex and well thought out as we’ve come to expect from TBB, and as always, they share all of their data and invite you to choose your own 1st place drill.  To see if your favorite 12v made the cut, visit ToolBoxBuzz on Youtube.

Festool 18V Circular Saw HKC55 with Oz Tool Talk

We learned a ton this week about the Festool HKC55 Circular Saw, thanks to our buddies at Oz Tool Talk! The Festool features a unique cross-cutting track that stays attached to the saw and makes any angled cut at super-fast speeds. How good is this saw? Mike says it’s as smooth as velvet undies? So… that’s good I think. You can judge for yourself at Oz Tool Talk on Youtube.

Lumens Vs Watts with Electrician U

Speaking of learning. Dustin posted another great educational video! This week he details the difference between Lumens, and watts.  You can learn more about this enlightening subject by watching Electrician U on youtube.

The Powermate 22in Field String Trimmer with Tool Review Zone

So you think your string trimmer is cool? You think it’s powerful? Well, I can promise you it’s got nothing on the Powermate 22in Field String Trimmer. And I know this because Clint from Tool Review Zone showed off over 12 minutes of weed wack’n goodness, featuring this powerful beast. Think I’m over-hyping this thing? Clint said it’s fast, easy to use and overflowing with power. Another tool we had no idea we needed. You can see it yourself in the Tool Review Zone on youtube.

Top 10 Uses of a Rafter Square with RR Buildings

It’s been a while since Kyle from RR Buildings posted a top 10 list, so he decided to bring the format back this week, focusing on the 10 best uses of a rafter square. Or… speed square to people who call it that. Mainly the folks at Swanson as it turns out. Considering this tool to be one of the most under-appreciated, Kyle takes great care to share a ton of uses, and sure enough, the comments are full of grateful people whom already claim to have watched it multiple times. You can watch it yourself at RR Buildings on Youtube.

A Podcasting Studio in a Briefcase with Laura Kampf

Laura Kampf solved an organization issue this week with a drill, a suitcase, and some Kampf creativity. She engineered a mobile podcast station that fits snugly inside an old suitcase, giving her an easy way to transport everything she needs to produce her podcast on the go! You can find her at Laura Kampf on YouTube.

DIY Double Pour Over Coffee Maker with Know-How

Know-How shared a DIY project that caught my eye for a couple of reasons! One, it is a pour-over coffee station! Two, it’s an easy project that I could make this weekend with the resources that I have at home.  And did I mention it is for making coffee? I am not really a human in the morning until I have coffee. So when they shared this video I got pretty excited. Go check it out at Know-How on YouTube.

Modern Adirondack Chair with Crafted Workshop

Johnny from Crafted Workshop built a modern Adirondack chair with some really pretty thermally modified ash. He assembled most of this build with pocket holes but said if he were to build it again he would use different joinery because of how brittle the wood was. But it’s such pretty wood and the final product is perfect! You can find the video and the plans at Crafted Workshop on Youtube.

Industry News with Construction Junkie

3M Safety Recall

3M announced a Stop Use and Product recall for two of their Twin-Leg Nano-Loks, part of a personal fall protection system. This caused an enormous number of construction projects to come to a complete halt, as buyers scrambled to purchase competitor models, quickly leading to empty shelves across the nation. You can find details and file a claim here.

Milwaukee Updates ONE-KEY

Next up Milwaukee announced a significant update to the ONE-KEY app, claiming more powerful and efficient tool tracking. The new interface includes a system for easily tracking people and the tools they use, and separate screens for managing alerts, and tool transfers between people and job sites. You can read all of the details on the Construction Junkie blog.

The Hard Hat Hero Search – Procore

Procore Searches for Hard Hat Hero

Last of all, construction management software company, Procore, has announced the 3rd annual search for The Hard Hat Hero, a worker who has made a meaningful impact on the world of construction. If you know someone like this, you can submit a nomination on the Hard Hat Hero submission page, which we’ll include in the show links. For all these stories and more, be sure to visit Construction Junkie.com

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