veto pro pac tech pac-1

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac-1 – Coming Soon

veto pro pac tech pac-1

Veto Pro Pac is well known for making jobsite-tough tool bags to help technicians save time and money by increasing organization an  reducing trips made to the truck or van to collect more tools. However, I myself have never been comfortable with the over-the-shoulder messenger style tote bags when carrying them more the a few dozen feet is required. If I have to lug something for any kind of distance or carry it for any amount of time, I will take a disorganized backpack-bag over a messenger bag with a lot of pockets any day. A backpack is simply more comfortable, as well as less restricting if you have to move (or climb a ladder) while carrying it.

The folks at Veto Pro Pac, being professionals in the bag innovation industry, are fully aware of the preference for a backpack-style bag and have responded with the coming release of the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac-1. If you are lucky enough to be at the AHR Expo in Dallas you would be able to see one up close and personal today, but for a working stiff like me the only option is to look at the picture and dream (a full review may be coming in the future).

An example of a computer tech’s backpack contents.

I suppose my biggest question about the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac-1 is whether or not there is a laptop ready pouch in it. Veto Pro Pac has a few dedicated tool bags for the plumbing an HVAC trades, but an often overlooked and under appreciated class of tool user is the computer repair technician. When I see the Veto Pro Pac, I envision the long walks to internal server rooms and bevy of cables, adapters, pliers, and propriety wrenches that a computer technician may want to have with them there (standardization has not quite reached the computer component business when it comes to screws, nuts and wrenches – if you have ever tried to take apart an Xbox 360 and you will understand).¬†However, a laptop can often be one of the essential and most important tools in a computer technician’s box, so if there is no pouch in the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac-1, computer technicians will have to continue their search for a dedicated backpack style tool bag just for them.

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