Using a Skid Steer or Backhoe with Hydraulic Power Tools

Previously we had highlighted some of the advantages of the Atlas Copco CP Hydraulic hand held power tools. These types of tools have been very popular in Europe and other countries for year but are just now gaining ground in the US and Canadian markets. Hydraulic tools have several advantages over electric or pneumatic including more power, longer life span, compact power source, less maintenance, ability to work in colder temperature or even underwater and the list goes on. The main downside is in the higher initial price tag for the tools however when taken over the life of the tool the total cost is significantly less.

A common misconception is that a company would have a large startup cost associated with using hydraulic power tools because they would need to invest in the power packs to run the tools. With the current state of the economy and tight lending from the banks none of us are eager to make any large capital investments. Good news is you may have already made the big capital investment for plentiful hydraulic power supplies if you own any skid steers, backhoes or any other hydraulic powered carriers. Now it is time to get the most out of those investments. You can connect auxiliary hydraulic equipment to almost all of these machines. Atlas Copco has released the LFD 20 & LFD 30 Oil Flow Dividers specifically designed to regulate oil flow to all their hydraulic breakers, chipping hammers, concrete saws, water pumps, core drills and other tools.


If you have any questions at all, of course you can contact Ohio Power Tool and talk to their expert staff to help you determine which tool is right for the job. If you want to get you hands on some of these tools for a few days to try out, you can rent them through the equipment rental page.    


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