TPI Portable Electric Salamander Indoor Heaters

It’s getting cold outside all over the country and in many cases a portable heating solution is needed. If you are sipping Mai-tai on the beach somewhere I am jealous and you can probably skip this post all together. If not…  TPI carries a full range of portable electric heaters from the small 120V units to these much larger units. The Fostoria Hear Wave Salamanders are available ranging from 10 kW to 45 kW and are designed as a safer flameless alternative to propane or kerosene heaters. Below are some typical applications and a time to heat chart:

New Construction

An insulated “up-to-code” 1800 sg ft building would only need 1 15kW heater to achieve up to 60 degrees temperature rise. Uninsulated, the same space could realize a 40 degree temperature rise. These temperatures would be reached in just over 2 hours.  

Pole Building / Work Shop

To heat an insulated 2000 sq ft (40’ x 50’) pole building with a 12’ ceiling – use two 15kW heaters. This would provide a 60 degree temperature increase within 2-3 hours.

The units are very simple to operate and push ambient air over multiple heat coils and recirculation the air within the room until the temperature on the unit’s thermostat is reached. The 10 & 15 kW units operate at 800 CFM while 30 & 45 kW units are able to do 1100 CFM. These units are extremely easy to move around or take to and from the jobsite.

Ohio Power Tool supplies a full range of ceramic, infrared, forced air and radiant electric heaters from TPI. If you have any questions about power requirements, square footage calculation or any other things related to these electric heaters contact the experts at Ohio Power Tool at [email protected] or call 800-242-4424.


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