TPI Hotpod Inline Duct Heating System

It is a widely believed fact that different people have different temperature preferences. That is why most modern vehicles have dual-zone comfort control for the driver and the passenger. Unfortunately, this has not been developed for home furnaces, which leaves me with the options of watching my wife wear layers in the house from late fall to early spring or grumbling as I pay through the nose for heating that I was more comfortable without. I have never been a fan of the searing-hot toe-stubbing, fire hazard qualities of space heaters, and a happy wife makes for a happy life, so I am seriously considering trying out a Hotpod (6″ starts at $256, Ohio Power Tool) by TPI heaters.

The hotpod is a small electric heater that runs on standard 120V power and is integrated into your standard 6” or 8” ductwork. The unit runs very quietly, but it can also be purchased with an optional noise cancelling boot for those with rigid ductwork. The hotpod enables you to have a separate thermostat for one specific room of your house. This way, I could increase the heat in just the master bedroom or my wife’s studio so that she, my wallet, and I could all be comfortable throughout the winter. Don’t forget, saving money on heating costs also means that you are being “green.” It can also help with those hard-to-heat rooms in your house. You can see how it helps the lady in this cheesy video below who put her master bedroom in a sun room with 10 windows as far from her furnace as possible.

Decisions of people in the video notwithstanding, the Hotpod looks like a worthwhile investment for anyone who has a reason to keep one room of the house warmer than the rest. Along with the noise cancelling boots, you can also get an optional wireless thermostat or a “Ready Pack” self-contained system for new office or room additions. The unit has a two stage heating element, and can be run without the heat on to increase the cfm of your central air system. It looks easy enough to install, especially if the ductwork you are putting it on is already exposed, and some units come with a cord so you can plug it into an outlet instead of hardwiring it. You can find all the variations and accessories for the Hotpod at Ohio Power Tool, and don’t forget that you can call a pro with your power tool questions at (800) 242-4424.

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