Top 5 Reason Metabo Grinders are Leaders in Safety & Performance

Metabo Trailer Event

Recently the Metabo Trailer stopped at Ohio Power Tool to show case their new tools and many safety benefits for grinders, concrete, silica dust collection and much more. Grinders have been around for many many years and as we all know can be extremely dangerous tools. Metabo not only leads the way in grinder performance, power and long life but also the leader when it comes to grinder safety. Before the customers stopped by we got a chance to walk through many of aspects of the trailer, this is just one of those topics we covered. Top 5 reasons Metabo Grinders are the Safest and Best Performing on the Market.

  1. MVT Anti-Vibration Handles – Alleviating up to 60% of the vibration with their handles, Metabo has been copied with this feature but remains the leader here. Also by offsetting the position creates a more secure, less vibration and comfortable grip. Another attachment unique to Metabo is the multi-position grip that allows the grinder handle to be used in any position, great for extended operation and/or hard to reach spaces.
  2. Mechanical Safety Clutch – Other clutches do exist on grinders but most are electronic. Metabo is the leader with a true mechanical clutch which is factory tested for safety and performance. We’ve personally don the pinch test and had competitor models shred the cutting disc. Having a wheel explode in your hands while the Metabo pinches and keeps going makes you really think twice next time you pick a grinder.
  3. Long Life Motor – Go into pretty much any fab shop and you’ll likely see a ton of Metabo grinders, the reason is very simple because they are cheaper to operate and save the company money. While each unit can be a little more expensive up front, companies using lots of grinders everyday know the green ones are cheaper over the long run because they outlast other grinders sometimes by 2-3 times.
  4. Autobalancer – These are not on many of the Metabo grinders but if given the option you should really consider getting one with an autobalancer. This is a pressed inner flange that is not removable, hollow with bearings in an oil bath inside. This further cuts down on vibration which is not only a benefit to worker safety but actually extends the life of cutting wheels savings money.
  5. Brake – Again not on all the Metabo grinders this is an optional safety feature which you can easily spot by the Red band around the grinder. The brake stops cut off wheels in under 1 second and grinding wheels in under 2 seconds. Similar breaks have now been added to Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita and others which hopefully will become the standard as these can minimize serious injury caused from dropped tools or even simply setting the grinder down while spinning.

Of course there are other safety and performance reasons beyond just these 5, the new Rat Tail grinders like WEPBA 17-150 RT & WEPB 19-180 RT feature best power to weight of any grinder, better ergonomics, carabiner connection point to tie-off and prevent drops, just to name a few. Performance and safety also have a lot to do with the cut-off wheels and grinding wheels you select, Metabo continues an extremely high standard of safety and performance into their USA Made accessories as well.

Check out this Metabo Grinder Training PDF for more info on the topic and consult a safety professional if you have more questions.

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