Top 5 DIY Workbenches! The best maker build videos for your next project!

Hey guys, I am Sarah. Every week I comb through hundreds of DIY videos preparing projects for our weekly Maker show, Maker Break. Along the way, I find some good projects… and some GREAT ones, And right now, I’m going to share them with you! This Sarah’s Top 5 DIY – Workbenches!

#5 – Robert J Keller

Let’s get started with #5! Robert J Keller shared how to make a 1-Hour DIY workbench with just 2×4’s and a sheet of plywood! Robert started by cutting all of his 2×4’s to length, and then he assembled the base of his workbench using construction screws. He added these heavy duty castors that are easy to lock and keep the bench still when you need it, but can easily be unlocked and pushed out of the way when you don’t. All that was left was to finish the base, and add the plywood top and this mobile workbench is done! 

#4 – Matt Mecham

Matt Mecham is #4! Matt wanted to make a DIY workbench that wasn’t going to cost him a fortune to make and could double as an outfeed table for his table saw. Using 2×4’s and a couple power tools that are pretty common to have in your garage he started working on the frame. When the frame was finished he added supports for the legs and for the plywood work surface and with the help from his kiddo he got the top screwed into place. This entire build was under $50 bucks and would definitely help out in your garage or shop! 

#3 – Pneumatic Addict

Next Up is #3. Pneumatic Addict has issues with space in her “shop” which like many of you is actually a garage that is shared space with everything else you own. So she set out with plans from one of her Instagram followers as a guide to make a DIY Folding Mobile Workbench. This is so convenient if you really need to save space but are desperate to have a workbench. Using mostly 2×4’s she made the end panels, then moved on to the folding aspect of the bench that’s made up of utility hinges, 1×4’s and plywood pieces. Next she added some 2x2s for extra support for the sides and the top surface, and castors to make it easy to move out of the way! We’re done! Awesome job Elisha! 

#2 – Make Build Modify

# 2 is Make Build Modify! This is a giant workbench weighing it at over 850 lbs of reclaimed lumber from an old barn, over 600 screws and more than a gallon of wood glue! Justin started this project by cutting the old boards down to size and running them through a planer. Next he started assembling the mammoth legs with biscuits, glue and screws. He made sure to cut out the notches for the shelf during this process to make assembly easier.He ran into a couple issues, but worked through them and the final product is a very sturdy, workbench that is pretty sweet. 

#1 – Third Coast Craftsman

Finally my #1 Workbench video is from Third Coast Craftsman! Chris started by cutting down all of his boards closer to the lengths he would  need for the top and the legs. Then he brought everything over to the table saw to rip them down to 6” and 5” widths. Next he laminated all of the boards together for the bench top, the legs and stretchers. Once the glue dried he hand-planed all of the pieces which is so dang satisfying to watch. Those curls though. This landed at the number one spot for me because of the attention to detail, and all of the hand tools he used to make this. I personally would not have painted it, but then again, I didn’t put in all of that work either so he can do with it what he pleases! This is a killer workbench. Great job! 

That’s it!

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