Top 5 DIY Lumber Racks! The Best Maker Videos For Your Next Project!

Hey guys, I am Sarah. Every week I comb through hundreds of DIY videos preparing projects for our weekly Maker show, Maker Break. Along the way, I find some good projects… and some GREAT ones, And right now, I’m going to share them with you! This is Sarah’s Top 5 DIY Lumber Racks

#5 – Homestead-onomics

Lets get started with #5 HomesteadOnomics was sick of his lumber sitting on the floor and unorganized, so he decided to make some wall mounted lumber racks. Joe started by installing a ledger board and vertical supports. Then he cut down the ½” plywood into squares, then cut those in half. He cut the 2×3  boards for the middle of the bracket, then assembled them. He then does a little dry fit test to make sure they all come together smoothly and that they’re level. Then he attachest them to the vertical mounts and finally, adds all of the lumber! 

#4 – Woodshop Junkie

#4 is Woodshop Junkie! The entire build can be done with using just one sheet of plywood and is a pretty easy project. Mr Woodshop Junkie got started cutting it down the plywood into more manageable sizes, then works his way through his cut list getting all of the pieces ready for assembly. Side note, pay attention to his killer workshop table in the video, that thing is awesome, but I am getting off track. Once he had all of his pieces cut down to size he glued the vertical supports together, then drilled holes all along them. He then moves on to building the cantilevers. Yeah he made cantilevers for his lumber storage! How cool is this? And the supports at the top of the rack double as more storage for larger bards! 

#3 – Jon Peters

Jon Peters is #3! Jon begins his lumber rack project by ripping down his repurposed plywood into 2 ¼” strips, then sends them through a sander removing most of that old surface. Then he takes them all to the miter saw to cut them down to final length. He takes two pieces of plywood strips, and the spacers and lines everything up for assembly on the table. He pre drills all of the holes to be sure not to destroy the wood when he is driving screws into them. He gives some great advice along the way to guarantee the best possible outcome for your build! Once he had all of the support done it was time to build the arms that will hold all of the lumber. He attached the arms to the vertical support, then mounted them to the wall! These turned out beautifully Jon! 

#2 – Fisher’s Shop

#2 is Fisher’s shop! If you have followed our channel even for a little while you may have noticed that Rob and I are HUGE fans of the french clete. It’s a problem we have no intentions of fixing, well, ever. When I stumbled upon this video where Drew made his lumber rack using french cleats so that it can be customizable and changeable, I was hooked. He ripped down 2×4’s at a 45 degree angle to make his cleats, and mounted them to the wall. Next it was time to make the brackets. Once the brackets were done it was time for what we all have been waiting for, watching him instal the brackets to the french cleat wall! This is a super simple build that is amazing. Even if you are not looking to build a lumber rack I recommend you go watch this video, it is wildly entertaining! 

#1 – The Wood Whisperer

#1 is the wood whisperer. This is actually the video that Rob and I used for inspiration for our own lumber rack in the shop. Marc built his lumber rack with some 2×4’s and plywood! He recommended to get your plywood from a hardwood dealer, and get shop grade plywood. It’s nicer plywood that isn’t going to warp and break down as fast as normal plywood you would get from your home improvement store. He pre-drilled the holes for the horizontal support then gets that mounted to the wall. Then he preps and attaches the vertical supports. Once those are up he starts ripping down the plywood for the brackets. When he had all of the plywood pieces ready he added the 2×4 piece to all of the brackets with glue and screws. All that was left was to mount the brackets to the supports on the wall and add the lumber! 

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