Top 5 DIY Flipping Tool Stands! The Best Maker Videos for Your Next Build!

Hey guys, I am Sarah. Every week I comb through hundreds of DIY videos preparing projects for our weekly Maker show, Maker Break. Along the way, I find some good projects… and some GREAT ones, And right now, I’m going to share them with you! This is Sarah’s Top 5 DIY Flipping Tool Stands! 

Let’s jump in! #5 is Highline Guitars! 

Chris was on a mission to create an inexpensive, space saving tool stand that can be flipped around to a different tool, depending on what he needed. With the goal to keep this project cheap, strong and functional, He used mostly 2×4’s and OSB. He got busy cutting all of his materials to length and used pocket holes to assemble the carcass, then added the supporting shelf that nestles onto the frame. Next he built the top, and added the corner eye bolts. He the  added top using those eye bolts to help guide the top into place. Once it was all assembled he added castors so this could easily be moved around the shop, and this was ready for work! 

Two Bit Woodworks is #4! 

Keith used inspiration from several people online who made flip carts, and made his own version of one catering to his shop needs. Because he has a heavy DeWALT planer on the cart he wanted to be sure this cart was rock solid and would support his work. He started by cutting down the plywood and recycled boards he would need for the carcass, drawer, and top. Using a forstner bit he drilled out the holes for the steel supporting pipe and rocking bolts. Because he wanted this to be extra strong he beefed up the supporting structure a bit and doubled up the material for the top. I really like that he added a little drawer at the bottom for extra organization! This looks great Keith! 

#3 is Johnny Tromboukis Woodworks! 

Johnny started his project by cutting down the plywood for the cabinet base, and cutting out notches that will act as positive stops later for the flip top. Then he drilled the hole for the pivot point of the flipping tray. This is a pretty simple build that gives you a solid work space for those tools that you don’t use every day, and want to easily tuck out of the way when you are done with them. A small detail he added that i liked was the extra reinforcement for the black pipe that will no doubt prolong the life of this cart. He even added a clever way to keep the cords from getting constantly twisted! If you are looking for a flipping cart tutorial, you won’t want to miss this one! 

DIY Tyler is #2

Tyler put a twist on how he was going to accomplish a flipping tool stand, you see, he had three tools he wanted to put in this area of his shop, but was worried about how to best utilize the space and not sacrifice any of the functionality of the tools. So He built a stationary flip top tool stand, that is on drawer slides, so that he could extend the slide from the base when he needed more room, and still push it back out of the way, when he was done with it. This is pretty cool. Don’t worry, it won’t get top heavy when you extend the drawer slides because the base is secured to the wall. I really enjoyed this build and the video was fun to watch! Awesome job Tyler! 

Coming in at #1 is Second Son Woodworks!

This is by far the biggest flip top workbench / stand on my list and it made the cut for a couple reasons! First, if you are in fact short on space, but you are going to need some type of workbench and a space for a planer or a table saw, THIS my friends is the project video you need to watch. He not only built himself a solid workbench, but he also utilized every inch of space to have it also be the perfect place to use a planer, and his table saw. Like I said, this is a bigger build, but I think if you are looking for ideas to make a flipping table top work station, you should not write this one off because of its size. Caleb, this is such a sweet build! 

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