Top 10 Power Tool Gift Ideas for 2009 Holiday Season

Unfortunately I don’t have any celebrity friends like David Letterman to do my top 10 list but these are some good gift ideas on Ohio Power Tool for anyone who loves power tools, ranging from $20-$299. Also all of the following items are eligible for the Free Shipping if part of an order over $99. Just use coupon code: TURKEY before December 7th. All these items are also currently in-stock but can’t promise they won’t run out by the holidays. Checkout the Holiday Specials Page for even more deals from Ohio Power Tool.

10. Hougen RotaCut Metal Drill Kit 11075 – $74

This hole cutter kit includes 7 different size metal drill bits from 5/16” – ¾” which are faster and last 10 times longer than standard twist drill bits. Ideal for any electrician, mechanic, HVAC, metal fabricator or anyone that does any work with metal. These bits work with standard chuck drills found in almost any toolbox.

9. Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment 49-22-8510 – $49

This handy accessory can get you into very tight places and is compatible with any drill that can accept ¼” hex bits from 2.4V to 36V or corded drills. Ideal for driver bits, spade bits, ¼” hex drill bits and many other accessories.

8. Bosch DareDevil Spade Bit Set DSB5013P – $27

Every carpenter, remodeler, handyman or weekend warrior should have a good set of Spade Bits in the tool box but Bosch reinvented the spade bit with the new DareDevil bits. This is a great gift because even if they have some spade bits they will love to upgrade to these.

7. Ingersoll Rand Titanium ½” Impact Gun 2135TiMAX – $249

Probably the sexiest impact gun you could own. This titanium impact wrench is the lightest, toughest, most powerful tool on the market today. Any serious mechanic will love this gun.

6. Lincoln 18V PowerLuber Grease Gun 1844 – $267

Now a cordless grease gun is probably not going to be on most people’s wish lists however for many farmers, mechanics and other service pros this may be the ideal present to see under the tree. The brand spankin new 18V extends the battery life to be able to hand up to 8-10 tubes per battery. This alone can be a huge advantage when out in the field away from the charger.


5. Bosch MiterFinder Protractor DAF220K – $165

One of the most popular gifts from last year’s holiday season the Bosch Miterfinder is a great gift for any carpenter, handyman, professional or weekend warrior. This tool makes it very easy to make exact cuts and determine angles of existing walls, joints, floors, doorways, cabinets, etc.

4. Milwaukee M18 Drill & Sawzall combo kit 2602-22 – $299

This is a great deal for the two most popular new Milwaukee M18 tools. The M18 compact hammer drill has 550 in/lbs torque (equal to DeWalt 36v) and the M18 Sawzall has been completely reengineered to be lighter and more compact but still the power and toughness you would expect to carry the Sawzall name. The kit also includes (2) M18 XC high capacity batteries.   

3. Bosch Compact 18V Drill Kit 36618-02 – $169

If you are looking for a really high quality ½” drill that is compact, light weight, powerful (500 in/lbs) and made to take a beating this is the drill for you. This is a great price for this drill, the new Bosch 18V lithium tools have really proven themselves.

2. Milwaukee JobSite Radio (M12-V28) 2790-20 – $129

The new Milwaukee Radio features a digital tuner, MP3 hookup, roll cage, bottle opener and many other features that make it the perfect portable radio for any situation. It will also run off almost any Milwaukee batteries from M12, V18, M18, V28 or 18V NiCd.       

1. Dremel Multi-Max 6300-01 – $99 & 6300-03 – $139

The most popular tool gift last year is apparently just picking up steam because so far through the Black Friday weekend it remains one of the most popular power tool gift items this season as well. The Multi-Max tool has broad appeal and makes a great gift idea for almost anyone who is the least bit handy.  It also made the recent “Cool Tools” TV Show list for holiday gift ideas.

A few other items worth mentioning that have been made popular this year by the holiday Cool Tools TV shows and Tool Wars on

Milwaukee Cordless V28 Wet/Dry Vac 0780-20 – $97

If you need a wet/dry vac and you need it to be cordless this has got to be one of the best on the market. If you don’t already have V28 batteries/tools the same cordless wet/dry vac is also available in 18V and works with almost all Milwaukee 18V batteries including 18V NiCd, V18 & M18 model 0880-20.

Ridgid Faucet & Sink Installer Tool 66807 – $20

This tool is very handy for dealing with multiple plumbing applications. The tool is ergonomically designed to make it much easier for working under the sink. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any plumber or handyman.


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