[TOOL NEWS] We find the source of EGO’s POWER and find the BEST Cordless Router for 2019! (s2 e31)

The Guru teaches us to flattens our miter saw, we try EGO energy drink, and Tool Box Buzz find the best cordless router for 2019! All that and more on this week’s episode of the Power Tool Week In Review!

How to flatten your Miter Saw with the Building Guru

If you’re a regular here at Week in Review you might remember a recent feature about the Building Guru. Justin, as he’s known to his mother, took a detailed approach towards reviewing tools. Mainly measuring things to a thousandth of an inch. This week he posted another video to help fix those tiny problems. This time he walks you through flattening your miter saw. While I appreciate the education, he’s slowly making me think all my tools are garbage, and it’s my fault. If getting things exactly right is important to you, head over to the Building Guru on Youtube. 

2019’s Best Cordless Router with Tool Box Buzz

Routers are an indispensable tool for any finish carpenter, and in the last couple of years, several manufacturers have found ways to cut the cord from these power-hungry monsters. This week, the experts at Tool Box Buzz got their own rulers out, and tested the 5 best cordless routers and named one the winner. At the end of the review, Rob declares Milwaukee to win 2nd place, only to retract it in the video description, citing a typo, and naming Makita the true 2nd place winner.

EGO 2020 Outdoor Power Equipment with Tools In Action

Do you ever get tired? Well, Barnaby doesn’t. We think that’s why he’s the face and mouth of EGO brand power tools! Dan from Tools in Action found Barnaby in a rare moment of quiet in the EGO Booth at GIE last week, and decided to ask “Whatsup” to which Barnaby replied with a full tour of the EGO booth showing off several new tools that run on the unstoppable EGO battery platform, including a new cultivator and power broom attachment for their multi-tool. If you’re about to fall asleep, and want to wake up permanently, head over to tools in action on youtube. 

Using the right tool for the job with Tool Review Zone

Our buddy Clint form the Tool Review Zone wants to teach you when to use a portable bandsaw, or a recip saw. He sets up several different relatable situations and demonstrates the pros and cons of each tool. For an informative video, packed with… clint… head over to the tool review zone.

How to layout walls, floors and roofs with the Perkins Building Brothers

Our last stop on Youtube is an educational one. Even if you’re not a framer, a lot of us eventually end up doing a bit of framing, if only to finish our basements. The guys over at Perkins Builder Brothers took the time to teach us how to properly layout walls, floors, and roofs. I’ll be honest, I thought I knew what 16 on center means, but there’s a lot more than just spacing your studs 16 inches apart. To find out, head over to Perkins Builder Brothers on Youtube. 

Making a Cane Sword with Alec Steele

Alec Steele and his team have been working for the last couple weeks on a Cane. But not just any ordinary cane, no this one has a sword hidden in the middle. In his final video for the project he shares a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a project like this, including sometimes forgetting that you left something in the heat-treated oven! Alec, the Cane Sword turned out awesome regardless! You can find him at Alec Steel on Youtube. 

DiResta & First Build Make a Pizza Oven!

Jimmy Diresta traveled to Louisville KY to make a Pizza Oven, and the tools you need to go with it! First Build –  Maker Space, has a mini factory inside with an assembly line to make these pizza ovens to order. This specific oven design has the technology to make them completely smokeless, so you could safely have this in your apartment, home or our office! Next he needed something in which to remove the pizza from the oven, so naturally, he just made a pizza peel. He got to go to the coolest Maker Space, make the best pizza oven I have ever seen with the most amazing people, Cooks a Pizza AND Cut it with a custom made Klingon Bat’leth! Go check out his channel at Jimmy Diresta on Youtube.

Hard Rock Hotel collapse site

On October 12, tragedy struck at a construction site in New Orleans, when an 18-story under-construction hotel partially collapsed, killing 3. Since then, more information, some rather shocking, has steadily been revealed. This is an important story to the construction industry, but a terrible tragedy none the less. So while I’m going to spare you the details here on Week in Review, if you’re interested in learning more, you can find it at construction junkie.com.

White Cool Roads in LA

A couple of years ago, CJ reported that Los Angeles was painting certain asphalt roads with light paint-like material made by Coolseal. Their hope was that it would reduce the heat island effect in the warmest part of their city.  A recent study has found that the coating may not actually have the effect that the city was hoping for. Whereas asphalt will absorb the heat from the sun, the coating reflects it back immediately, causing the air temperatures to be higher, but the pavement itself to be cooler. That means while the road was cooler, people walking past it would feel air 7 degrees hotter! Between that and the additional glare the coating caused for drivers, we’re doubtful LA will be rolling this out citywide anytime soon.

For these stories and the rest of your construction industry news, be sure to visit constructionjunkie.com.

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The before and after of an armour stone joint fit up. – This joint took some searching, because I needed to find a rock that would both work with the curve of the walkway, and wouldnt look awkward with a sharper angle cut into it to make the turn. – Im using a @husqvarnacp_americas k970 saw in the 14” version. This powerhead usually comes standard on large high power applications like the concrete chainsaw, ring saw, and 16” cut off saws, so with a 14” blade its basically a supersaw. At 94 cc its like holding a dirtbike engine in your hands. – Dust suppression on a jobsite is always a hot topic, and since there arent any easy ways to collect dust dry in an application like this, Im using a water connection on the saw. Most of what you see is water mist, which doesnt travel far. Its always a good idea to wear a respirator regardless. – I use the saw to cut as deep as I can, then snap the excess away with a @fiskarsamericas demo hammer. Its thin claw is ideally suited for a task like this. – Any cut that is visible on the front edge gets distressed using a sledge hammer or the claw of a hammer, for a more natural look. – The cuts are made using a @blades_direct shocker, which is really quick in natural stone. Truly impressive. – @watson_gloves true grit gloves are also ideal for situations like these. They are fully dipped with a coating that is highly water and abrasion resistant, both of which are appreciated when cutting and handling stone/concrete – #husqvarna #concrete #stone #armourstone @kubotacanada @kubotausa #watsongloves #fiskars @3mcanada @3msafety #landscaping #construction #retainingwall

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Who said " you don't need a 35' tape ! " ?

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