[TOOL NEWS] Milwaukee Tool needs to CALM DOWN. And the smallest Stihl Saw EVER. Week In Review S3E7

The gang at Tool Box Buzz are slowly rolling out more coverage every couple days. That includes this new video that covers the best of new Makita Tools for 2020. They take a look at their new battery backpack, a new line of mid torque impact wrenches, a new table 1 compliant 11 gallon wet dry vac and the 9” cordless power cutter. Of course this video is proof that Rob Robillard WAS at the World of Concrete.

Next let’s hit up the Durbin Compound where Devin reviewed the New Stihl Pruner GTA 26. This tiny chainsaw features a 4” blade, and runs the same chain found on Stihl’s pole saws. The kit includes a charger, battery, oil and a wrap, case, roll, folding box thing. No clue what that is. Devin uses the pruner to clear brush on a hillside and found it to be more than up to the task. He also decided to see how many 4” cookies he could cut on one charge. Wanna guess how many he cut? I bet you’ll get it wrong. To find out, head over to The Durbin Compound on YouTube.

We’ve become accustomed to Milwaukee showing off all of their new tools at NPS, but they surprised us right before the world of concrete, by announcing an all new, Worlds first cordless D Handle high torque impact with a 1” anvil. 

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Now Milwaukee already has a 1” High torque impact. So what makes this so special? I have no idea. Fortunately for us, Tim Johnson knows a lot of things that I don’t. In a video posted recently, Tim talks about the difference between the current high impact wrench and the newly announced D Handle, primarily singling out it’s intended application. The new D Handle is specifically designed for the automotive world, specifically putting on and taking off some of the biggest lug nuts you’ve ever seen on a vehicle. If you have huge nuts you need to loosen.. On your truck… head over to Shop Tool Reviews on YouTube. 

Scott, the Essential Craftsman is one of our favorite teachers. He’s smart, wise, and a great speaker. So when he wants to teach something, we’re always first to watch the video. 

This week he tackled the often discussed issue of Drill vs Impact. Now this subject has been covered many different times by many different people. But if you haven’t found a good answer yet, I can tell you right now, this is it. Scott walks us through the basics, and does a great job of illustrating exactly how they each compensate for the other’s weakness. It’s a great video, and at only 8 minutes, it does a great job at getting right to the point. If you’re not entirely sure you fully understand the difference, it’s worth a watch at Essential Craftsman on YouTube.

Our last video is a public service announcement. If you live anywhere NEAR the tool review zone. Run.

It looks like someone gave Clint an enormous 500,000 BTU torch from Mag Torch. And as you’d expect, he immediately started everything on fire. He begins by melting ice, then distressing wood, starting campfires in his driveway, and finally… cooking beef jerky. It’s only a matter of time before the tool review zone is completely engulfed in flame. So steer clear, and if you HAVE to enter the zone, do so through the safety of YouTube. 

THIS, is Tybot.. He ties rebar. And according to these photos from Tybot, he lives a very repetitive and lonely life. Weighing in at only 8 thousand lbs, he’s easy to transport to the job site, and can manage up to 100 ties an hour. I’m telling you though, someone better at least make small talk with this guy or hes going to get bitter, and end up tying us all. 

You can read the full article at Construction Junkie.

On a more serious note, the corona virus continues to spread throughout china, recently topping the death count of the SARS virus from 2003. In response to the epidemic, China has been forced to build emergency hospitals in record time. We’re talking about 2,600 bed hospitals build in 12 days. In times of crisis, Mankind can be moved to accomplish incredible things when we all work together. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the corona virus, and to those trying to stop it, godspeed. 

You can read the full article at Construction Junkie.

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