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Our buddy from the state up north Mark Thomas showed off his new WORX Leaf blower, Leaf Mulcher, Leaf Vacuum? Leaf dominator. Mark has the Worx Trivac 2.0 that can handle whatever you throw at it. He tested the Trivec by vacuuming out window wells, mulching collected leaves, and clearing freshly pruned shrubs around his home. He seemed pretty happy with how it performed. So if your fall to-do list has lawn care on it you should check out Marks review on the Leaf Dominator on YouTube.  

Are you one of the lucky few who live where the weather goes from pleasant to arctic overnight and hibernation is just not an option it’s a forced lifestyle? Then You may be searching for some easy solutions for heating your shop and maintaining productivity regardless of the cold. The Wood Whisperer shared several different types of heating solutions that he looked at when he moved to Colorado. There are so many choices like forced air gas heaters, forced air electric heaters, tube heating, pellet or wood stoves, heat pumps and even heated flooring. Personally? I  use indoor bonfires. But if you would rather find some SAFE solutions to heat your shop take advice from The Wood Whisperer, and not Sarah.

The guys over at VCG Construction put the Milwaukee M12 Fuel 4 in 1 installation drill/driver in the ring with the Bosch 5 in 1 installation drill /driver and had them fight for the Tool Test Raw Title. Now, these drills are almost identical on paper, so the test tend to be… well let’s just say this is really close, and that’s not much of a surprise. But don’t assume you know who won. To find out, You can watch the entire TTR over at VCG Construction. 


THE BOYS ARE BACK! That’s right Tools in Action is BACK to posting almost daily shenanigans and we couldn’t be happier. Why? Because when you have this much TIA, you’re bound to eventually find things like Dan shoving a heating tube up his shirt. What he was actually doing was showing off a new heating system in his Roxor that literally pulls out of the dash and goes up his shirt. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it actually makes sense. You can judge for yourself at Tools in Action on youtube.

By now, you have no doubt seen the news that overwhelmed the internet coming from Milwaukee last week. Big Red surprised us all with an entirely new MX Fuel battery platform and 6 monster tools to take advantage of it, including a Core Drill, Power Station, Breaker, Rocket Light, Sewer Drum Machine, and a 14” Cut off saw. Each one of these CORDLESS solutions is taking direct shots at gas-powered competitors and we couldn’t be more excited to watch the war commence! If you have been living under a rock this last week and need to get caught up on all of the excitement, you can find our Milwaukee MX playlist in the links below.  

Jimbo’s Garage made a huge coffee table with a steel base and wooden tabletop. This thing is a BEAST, weighing in at 171 pounds. I guess with it being almost 200 pounds you really need to be happy with your furniture arrangement once it’s in your home. This was a fun project to watch him build, with a combination of welding and a little woodworking. You can find this video at Jimbos Garage on YouTube. 

I Like To Make Stuff made a simple picnic table with two small fire pits inlaid down the middle creating the perfect way to enjoy cooking outside, without losing your seat. Personally, I would rather have a giant bonfire instead. I can see how this would be super convenient for a yard or patio that does not have space for a giant fire pit. You can find this project over at I Like to Make Stuff on YouTube. 

Finally, The Samurai Carpenter built a Step Stool that is almost too pretty to step on. I like how simple this is, and the two-tone wood choices he used here are beautiful. If you are looking for some inspiration for something to make this weekend be sure to check him out at The Samurai Carpenter on YouTube.  

At this year’s Procore Ground Break event, we were able to interview several software companies that offered specialty solutions for the construction industry. While it makes sense, I never really thought about a need for a specialty CRM specifically for construction companies. Consential did see this need and stepped in to offer a CRM solution that not only organizes contacts, but they built a solution around the complex relationships that exist in the construction industry. This CRM isn’t built around selling products, but around projects. This includes proposal automation and many integrations with leading construction industry platforms. You can read more and watch the entire interview at Construction Junkie.

Quick question. How big is your touchscreen? That’s tiny. I know this because we spoke with Kevin from iPlanTables who builds enormous touch screen monitors and stands aimed directly at plan reviewers on the jobsite. With sizes ranging from 43” all the way up to 90”, they all allow you to view digital plans without needing to zoom or pan. Supporting these enormous monitors is a unique steel stand they build themselves right here in the good ole USA. Each one allows you to adjust lift and tilt until you find that perfect viewpoint. Most importantly, these frames are seriously rugged. Keven told us that nearly half of the units purchased end up on jobsites! If you’re tired of trying to look at the big picture, through a tiny screen, you should visit iplantables.com That’s it for this week’s construction news. For these stories and more, don’t forget to visit Construction Junkie.com


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