TOO FAST? BREAKING! Milwaukee announces a NEW M18 FUEL Monster.

I don’t care what anyone says. The Milwaukee Track Saw was NOT the most exciting new tool at PIPELINE. No, the most exciting new tool was this one. Let’s go

THIS is the all new, and more unusually, completely Un-Leaked, Milwaukee M18 FUEL Belt Sander. This was a complete surprise at last week’s Milwaukee PIPELINE event.  When we first saw it, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I own belt sanders, I’ve used them on the job, and yes, I’ve even raced them. But I had never seen a belt sander look that good before. Does it need to? Of course not. But come on, it’s like a middle schooler was asked to sketch the worlds fastest power tool. 

It runs on a standard 3×18” belt, but unlike the cordless offerings from ryobi and ridgid that hover around 300 fpm, this little beast STARTS at 700, and spools up to a terrifying 1,350 fpm. Why so fast? Because this is NOT a fine finish sander. This is a starved pit bull, designed to remove materials. And a lot of it. And fast. In the demo we saw at PIPELINE, they had a 36 grit belt on it, and they were literally carving out a 2” table top to fit a natural stone wall. They also had purposefully out of level OSB boards like you’d find on a jobsite after the house settles, and quickly leveled it with their new race car.

This sander is about power, and it has way more than enough. We pushed it as hard as we could into the table top, and it didn’t even slow down, let alone cause the belt to slip. 

It features a tool-free adjustable pommel and an ergonomic design that helps you get into confined corners and spaces. And they spent a lot of time getting the dust collection right, claiming 80% effectiveness.

But let’s be honest. We don’t care about dust collection, we care about putting our own stickers on the thing and racing it. Don’t worry boys, it’s coming.

So when can you get one? THIS MONTH. And at only $279 WITH a single 80grit belt, You can’t afford not to save that money gang. Because it’s time to start getting the job done faster, and maybe winning a belt sander racing title while you’re at it. 

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