Throw OUT your D-Handle Jig Saw. Jig like a MAN. Blessed be the Barrel Grip! Power Tool News S4E27

This week we find a lawn mower that mows the lawn, Tim Johnson reveals a new line of green power tools and we find out if the show can go on without me and Rob! This is your Power Tool Week In Review! 

Welcome back guys, I wanted to start off the show by saying thank you. Thank you for all of the crazy  nice comments wishing Rob a quick recovery and for my new little one arriving, literally any minute now. I am going to be real with you, I was not sure I would be able to shoot this episode today, as I am about to burst. This will be my last episode for several weeks, but I will be back once my family gets settled with the new little one. 

A quick update on Rob, He is home and banned from the studio so that he can recover properly, and is not too happy about it, but he will get over it. Next week we have a guest host filling in for us, and hopefully Rob will be back in the studio after that. But if not to worry, we still have lots of content scheduled to come out in our “Absence / Recovery” 

On to this week’s tool news. 

Tools That Build | DeWALT Cordless Jigsaws

When it comes to finding the perfect jigsaw for you and the work you need to get done there are a few features you need to be aware of….what type of motor it has, if there is a variable speed option, corded vs cordless, and of course if it is a barrel grip or garbage. Jon from Tools and Stuff agrees, Barrel grip is the only option….okay, well I guess what he said was “For more refined cuts….It’s definitely the more comfortable grip”, I think we all can agree he basically just said “Blessed Be” Moving on…

Oz Tool Talk | EGO Select Cut 

My favorite Ozzies got ahold of the EGO 21” Select Cut mower and they discovered this very important detail…“ It’s a Mower, It cuts grass!” Brilliant observation boys! In all seriousness they do go over what they liked, didn’t like and how they basically abused the crap out of this thing, and how it withstood the beating. Mike admits that he doesn’t take it easy when he cuts the grass and goes on to say “I do like to chow over anything, uhm this may have hit a few rocks and sticks and it didn’t slow down.” So how does this compare to the other EGO mowers they have tested? Well, It’s a powerful mower, just as powerful, probably more because its got more work to do with the blades as all of the other EGO mowers we have reviewed, and they are all powerhouses in their own right, especially these professionally green ones, you can push those through grass that is knee high with no problem.” To watch the full review for yourself head over to Oz Tool Talk. 

Shop Tool Reviews | Greenworks 24V Drill Driver

When it comes to Greenworks I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is a lawn mower, chainsaws, or other piece of Outdoor Power Equipment. So you can imagine when Tim Johnson launched a video reviewing a Greenworks 24v Drill Driver I was a little confused. Apparently they are diving into the world of power tools now with an assortment of 24v tools. Tim got his hands on the 24v Brushless Drill Driver and put it to the test. To find out if this new line of Greenwork Power Tools can compete with the big boys, head over to Shop Tool Reviews. 

Torque Test Channel | Biggest Impact To Date

Now anytime the team from TTC posts a video you know it’s going to be filled with scientific testing, sometimes surprising results, and you won’t leave without being entertained. Well they posted this video where they tested the most powerful ½” Impact to date…and all I can say is you won’t want to miss this one. If you haven’t watched it already and want to see if THOR really is the god of thunder when it comes to Impact Wrenches head over to Torque Test Channel. 

Man Caver Tools | Makita Vs FLEX 

Dave from Man Caver Tools threw the FLEX in the ring against a Makita to find a champion. He has tested the flex against several other hammer drills in the past and agrees with the claim that they are fastest SO FAR when it comes to the hammer feature, but is not yet convinced that it is the most powerful hammer drill on the market. He has more testing planned to finalize his opinion so stay tuned over at Man Caver Tools. 

These are five reviews that I enjoyed watching this week, but do me a favor and please direct link to any that I missed in the comments below and let us know why you enjoyed them. That way others can find them, and enjoy them too. That would be a huge help to me while Rob is upstairs against his will. Like I said before this is my last episode for a while, but be sure to hit that thumbs up if you liked this video and be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of our content scheduled to come out in the next couple weeks. 

Last week Lumber prices finally started dropping and Home Depot Leaked huge Milwaukee news which you can watch right here. I want to thank EGO and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. Have a restful and safe 4th of July weekend everyone. We will see you next week! 

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