This NEW drill system, is the NEXT STEP towards an autonomous Jobsite! Power Tool News!

Hilti just unveiled a core drilling solution unlike anything we’ve seen before. This drill has an optional brain that does the drilling for you. And we can’t help but think, if you can automate this, what power tool is next? Let’s go!

This is the Hilti DD 250-CA Diamond Core Drill, and when you pair it with the Hilti Cut Assist Auto Feed Unit, it forms a semi-autonomous solution that guides the drill through the entire drilling process, making the contractor more productive. Presumably because while this thing drills the hole, the operator can be posting photos to the corporate Instagram account. #Robotsworkforme

The new diamond core drill leverages it’s integrated tech to guide the operator when setting up the drill, and then provides real time feedback while the job gets done. When its finished, it can even provide productivity data. 

Letting the Hilti Cut Assist Technology control the process, offers better operator safety, higher worker comfort, and less fatigue. Intelligent features include automatic surface detection, drilling depth tracking, water management, hole starting and through hole detection. This new technology aims to turn a 3 person job into a 1 person job. All the while being safer and more accurate.

I think this technology is pretty freak’n cool, and it has us thinking, is there a smaller version of this for handheld tools? Can you hold a drill in place, hit a button, and it would apply the proper pressure, deal with bind ups, and stop drilling at the perfect depth? What other tool solutions can benefit from even a little bit of automation. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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