This Milwaukee PACKOUT should NOT be a thing. But it is. Plus a few Power Tool Videos you missed!

TODAY, we have a special mid-week episode of the #PowerToolWeekInReview. We take a closer look at a Milwaukee PACKOUT that’s more gross than useful, Those stories, and more on the Power Tool Week In Review! Robillard tries out the Ryobi Zero Turn, Todd from Project Farms picks the best pliers ever, and Tools and Stuff shows us the worlds most powerful cordless trim router. Let’s Go!

Tools & Stuff | Hikoki Trim Router

While it looks like we’re here, we’re not. As this video goes live, we’re actually traveling to two different tool events, where we’re shooting a ton of new content to bring your way in the coming weeks. But for today, we wanted to share a few videos that didn’t make it into the show last week, but we know you’ll enjoy, starting with Tools and Stuff, who got his hands on the new Hikoki, or Metabo HPT to us yanks, trim router. Now he’s shown us their popular 18V trim router, the M1808DA in a previous video. But this one is different. THIS is the world’s first 36V Trim Router, which he had to source from JAPAN. You might ask yourself, does a trim router need 36 volts of power? T&S gives us his typical detailed look at the new tool, and then leaves us with more ariel shots of New Zeland that just aren’t fair.

Tool Box Buzz | Ryobi 48V 54” Mower

Robillard has been out in the yard was out in the back yard testing Ryobi’s 48V 54” Zero Turn Mower. Well, technically Todd was testing it along with someone else, in a dueling review that went on all season. They rave about the storage options including cupholders and even a bin that Rob says is big enough for lunch. Hope ya love grass in that salad boys! The interface is super easy to use and understand, a large handle made it simple to adjust the height even from a seated position, with a range from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. But of course all these creature comforts mean nothing if it doesn’t do a good job cutting the grass. Fortunately for all of us, it does. Of course there are natural benefits of using an electric zero turn, including quiet operation, instant torque, and reduced emissions and maintenance. But the mower isn’t perfect, and Rob goes into all the details, the good and the bad, over at Tool Box Buzz.

Project Farm | Pliers

Todd over at Project Farm was busy last week as well, this time helping us pick the best tongue and groove pliers. The tools he covers range from $13, to a hefty $43. But no matter the price, we all knew Todd’s going to beat the ever-loving crap out of each one, in the name of science, and the pursuit of mind-boggling views on YouTube. And I’m here for it. The most expensive pair included in the test was from Knipex, and the testing quickly becomes a master class in what it takes to make a quality tool, and why you should spend the extra money. You can watch the full review at Project Farm.

Man Caver Tools | Packout Crapout

And our last stop on this mid week wrap up, is at Man Caver Tools, where Dave has started off his video with this statement. Hot date at Taco Bell eh Dave? “And I will not have a toilet for 2 or 3 days” Oh come on man, I’m sure it will survive the blast. So he did what all of us do in that situation, he grabbed a $900 Milwaukee Packout rolling box, cut up the lid, installed a toilet seat and… lets call it a urinal because “pee funnel was vetoed by Sarah”. Now, I can’t even get into the mind boggling absurdity of taking a dump in your… You know what, I don’t think I HAVE to talk about this “And Belts and Boxes, I dare you to share this in one of your videos.” I know what he did. Alright, so yes, this is real. Yes he destroyed a perfectly good packout, and yes it’s a “functioning” toilet now. Did he use it? I have no idea, because I refuse to watch till the end and find out. If you’re that brave go for it.

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