This Epic Tool Trailer is More Stickers than Tools! – Coptool Week In Review 8/9/19 EP 220

This week we count Built By N8 stickers with Kyle, a bunch of our friends get Keen on boots, and Vince convinces us to pre-drill EVERYTHING. All that and much more today, on the Coptool Week In Review!

This week’s Coptool Week In Review

You can watch this week’s episode right here, and find the content we mentioned below!

The Work Nobody Sees with Scott Brown Carpentry

We start off this week by visiting our favorite Kiwi on the other side of the world. Scott Brown brought us onto the job site where he was building a scullery. I think that’s a pantry. But as it turns out, the bulk of the work was done under the floor, where no one will ever see or appreciate the work. A good reminder to all of us, that even the parts no one sees, are important and deserve your best. You should watch for yourself at Scott Brown Carpentry on YouTube.

A Good Problem to Have with Finish Carpentry TV

Richard has this great way of making us feel like we’re working alongside him, and this week was no different. Fortunately, we all got to come along as he wrapped up another couple creative accent walls, and then showed off his new truck! He got a beautiful Ram 3500 dually with a tiny 117k miles on it. He said that’s nothing for Diesel. If you want to spend another day on the job with Richard, you’ll find him at Finish Carpentry TV on YouTube.

Tool Trailer Setup with RR Buildings

Next, we head over to RR Buildings where Kyle finally gave us that tool trailer tour he’s been promising for months now. His custom trailer, as it turns out, was built specifically to his needs, and it spends most of the time on the job site. Sarah and I were watching it together, and while we enjoyed the tour as you’d expect, our attention was totally derailed once we started playing a game we liked to call “Find the Built By N8” sticker. I say there are 4, Sarah says there are 5. You can count yourself. The video can be found at RR Building on YouTube.  

Pre Drilling Holes with VCG Construction

So do you pre-drill your holes? You probably do. But if you ever wanted to be sure of your choices, Vince from VCG has you covered. Vince talks about the reason we pre-drill and when it’s not necessary. But if I’m being honest, my favorite part of the video was the rant at the beginning when Vince decided to burn the trolls who struggle to troll properly. Seriously. You should watch for yourself at VCG Construction on YouTube.

7 Ways to Fix Common Woodworking Mistakes with Johnathan Katz-Moses

If you’ve ever attempted to make anything with wood, you’re no doubt familiar with the fragile and unpredictable nature of the medium. It’s fairly common to make mistakes, and often they’ll make you want to give up. But Jonathan Katz-Moses wants you to learn not only to confront your mistakes but often find ways to make them features of your work! In his video this week he walks you through 7 ways to fix common woodworking mistakes, including the use of wood filler, sawdust, glues and more. So unless you’re Collin Furze, and never make a mistake, visit Jonathan Katz-Moses on YouTube.

Making a Hybrid Bowl with Jordan Farr

Jordan Farr made a bowl this week with live edge quilted maple and epoxy! He’s a man of few words, he lets his skill speak for itself, but watching him turn the hybrid bowl for 3 minutes was amazing! You can find Jordan Farr on YouTube and Instagram!

DIY Wood and Concrete Bench with MrFixItDIY

Mr Fix It DIY created some beautiful outdoor seating using just a 60lb bag of concrete and a handful of redwood 2x4s! He custom made the molds for the concrete legs and only had to make a few cuts with the redwood for the seating. I showed this project to my husband and we have decided we want to make ten of these! You can find Aaron from Mr Fix It DIY and the plans for this project on YouTube.

DIY Steel Fire Pit with Fix This Build That

Speaking of spending time in the good old outdoors, Brad from Fix This Build That made a Steel Fire Pit that is perfect for smaller spaces, or like he suggested, tailgating! This was his first all-metal build and he had a couple of things to figure out. In the end, he gave new metalworkers advice based off of what he learned during this project! If you are looking for a metal build go check out Fix This Build That on YouTube!

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