This CAN’T BE. What happens if RYOBI beats Milwaukee? This is the Power Tool Week In Review!

This week, we found a new tool testing channel that’s causing trouble. Plus, Spaceman takes a turn with DeWALT, and some cool new construction tech from Doosan. THIS is your power tool week in review.

Oz Tool Talk | Metabo 1900w Diamond Cutting

Today we’ve got several tool stories for you, starting with my buddies Mike and Dwayne, who had some serious work to get done, so they figured it was a good time to test a serious tool.

This is the Metabo 7” Diamond Cutting System, but it’s technical name is “TEPB19-180 RT CED”. This concrete-eating monster looks like it’s hardly trying at all as they put it to work on some sidewalks. With 1900W of power, they were able to tackle a wide variety of materials, and thanks to the Metabo H-Class Vacuum, their lungs were kept safe. They loved the mechanical safety clutch, which Rob here has tested out himself during a Metabo Demo, which they loved too! After using the tool for a while, they seemed to be pretty happy. ” So there is probably not a lot more to talk about it, but at 1900 watts with all of the safety systems in here and a wicked extraction system this Metabo is out of control.” In Australia, a Wicked, out of control extraction system is a good thing! For the full review, head on over to OZ Tool Talk.

Ohio power Tool | New Store

As our regular fans know, this program is sponsored by Ohio Power Tool, a pro tool store at If you’re as fortunate as we are, and happen to live within driving distance of their Columbus Ohio mega store, they have something new you’re gonna wanna see.

This is Trade Pro Outfitters, a store within their store, that provides apparel and safety equipment in an underserved market, acting as a one-stop-shop for those who work in the trades. You’ll find popular pro gear brands such as Milwaukee Tool, Helly Hansen, Georgia Boot and many more. The new store will give you a chance to feel and test the equipment for quality, comfort, and durability before making your purchase. So if you’re in town, head over to OPT at 999 Goodale Blvd in Columbus. 

Doresoom | DeWALT Sander

Spaceman Doresoom is back with another tool review, this week focused on a popular sander from DeWALT.

This is the DeWALT DCW-210-B 20V Max Brushless Cordless Random Orbital Sander. Nate does a great job, as usual, quickly getting to all of the main features, puts the sander to use, and then shares his thoughts. After some testing, it appears to do a decent job, but Nate found the larger batteries left it unbalanced, which is a common problem with these 18V Random orbital sanders. He eventually found a happy medium with a 4AH slim battery, which he expects to give him over 40 minutes of run time. If you already bleed yellow, and have a collection of batteries, you can pick up the bare tool for only $120, which Nate says is a reasonable price for the tool you’ll get. For the full review head over to Doresoom tool reviews.  

Tool Talk | TTC and Ryobi

It’s time for some tool talk. Last week we talked about The plethora of battery platforms, and asked you to tell us about the trade you’re in, and the tool brands you choose. The numbers were, surprising. We had nearly 200 tradies reply, and many shared some really compelling information about how they use tools to get the job done. The most surprising to us was just how dominant Milwaukee was among our viewers. Carpenters and DIYers chose Milwaukee around 40 percent of the time, still making it their number one choice. But Mechanics? 60 percent chose Milwaukee, which seems really high. That is… until you look at Sparkies and Plumbers, which logged a staggering 90% Milwaukee use. This is not a perfect sample of tradespeople, but only a sample of our viewers that week. Keep that in mind.

For this week’s tool talk, let’s turn to Ryobi. Something we didn’t used to do on this show, since Ryobi is “entry level”, and rarely mentioned in the company of “pro tools”. But in the last couple years, several “entry level” tools have been adding premium tools to their line, and suggesting we take them onto the jobsite. 

Kobalt launched XTR. Ridgid has Octane, or at least they did, and Ryobi gave us One+ HP. Now many of these brands live under the same roof. Ryobi happens to belong to TTI, who also owns Ridgid, and more importantly, Milwaukee Tool. Why does this matter? Well, here’s my point. This week I ran across a new, and quite frankly, spectacular youtube tool channel, called Torque Test Channel. Who knew we needed a tool test show that only focused on Hi-Torque Impacts. Turns out we do. And this week they compared Ryobi’s new P262 ONE+ HP 18V Brushless ½” Impact Wrench against it’s older brother from another mother, the Milwaukee 2962, and it almost beat it. And as it turns out, for their testing, they didn’t have access to one of Ryobi’s new HP batteries, so there’s still a chance it could take the top spot away from Milwaukee.

So what? Well, for one, The Milwaukee is $219 bare, while the Ryobi comes in at only $159. Will this one tool make a Milwaukee Fan boy flip? Doubtful. But what about an apprentice? Why would they choose to start a Milwaukee collection when they can have a better tool, AND a ton of cash? So for our question for today. Let me know in the comments below if you’re a Milwaukee, Ryobi, or “other” fan, and tell me what you think of a Cheaper Ryobi tool, eating Milwaukee’s lunch right in front of it. And then be sure to head over to Torque Test Channel and subscribe to those guys. You won’t regret it. 

 Construction Junkie | Doosan Transparent Wheel Loader

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve got 6 and a half tons of backfill in the bucket of your 580, just trying to get those dirty hands on some clean money, but you can’t see a single thing in front of you? Well Doosan is back with another crazy innovation that’s gonna make your job easier.

This is a standard Doosan Wheel Loader, equipped with an all new technology that allows the operator to look right through the bucket. Utilizing a small array of sensors and cameras, a live video of the other side of your bucket is displayed in front of you, making the bucket appear transparent. They hope to not only improve safety, but productivity by giving you an all new view of the jobsite. They’re also adding a clever 360 degree overhead view, just like those often found on modern vehicles. Doosan says this is just another step in their ongoing drive to protect operators, nearby workers, and lead the creation of accident-free construction sites. 

For more on this new technology, and the rest of your construction industry news, visit construction

In case you missed it, this week Lowes announced a BRAND NEW line of power tools coming, under the FLEX brand, built by Chervon.

Thank you EGO and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode, we couldn’t do it without you.

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