The Wheeler-Rex Pipemaster is My Latest Crush

wheeler rex pipemaster

For the real tool nerds out there that can appreciate the “deep tracks” of the power tool world or for those that are just suckers for a catchy name (see: Dragon Saw), let me introduce you to the Wheeler-Rex Pipemaster. Cutting 48″ pipe of all varieties, not a problem for this very ingenious design. The sheer number of tools in the Wheeler-Rex line intended for cut and form pipe of all shapes and sizes in any way imaginable is nothing short of astounding.

What inspired Wheeler-Rex to create the tool that would eventually become the Master of Pipe? I imagine the folks at this humble northeastern Ohio company were unsatisfied in having invented the snap cutter for cast-iron and clay tile pipes, which has become a technology adopted worldwide in the 50 years since it was invented. Even with the introduction of hydraulic powered snap cutters, they must have seen the need for cutting larger and thicker pipe made of more durable materials.

With the proper blade and accessories, the Wheeler-Rex Pipemaster can cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, or clay pipes with a wall thickness of 1” and a diameter of 48”. The Pipemaster runs off of an external hydraulic power source which can be purchased from Wheeler-Rex or not depending if you have a power pack with a maximum of 6 gpm/1500 psi. They even have an adapter that can enable your truck or tractor’s hydraulic system to run the Pipemaster.

Adding to the living room decor.

You can buy a Pipemaster along with many other Wheeler-Rex pipe cutting tools at Ohio Power Tool. They are an authorized distributor of Wheeler-Rex, so if you have any questions about the Wheeler-Rex Pipemaster or any other power tool, be sure to call a pro at (800) 242-4424.

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