The SECOND WAVE of Makita XGT Tools just announced! Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw and more!

Whether you like it or not, the new Makita XGT system is finally here, and they just announced the first expansion that includes several tools we’ve been waiting for! Let’s go!

First up is the new GMH02, 80V XGT Brushless 238lb AVT Demolition Hammer. This beast brings 27.5 joules of impact energy for up to 15% faster breaking efficiency than it’s own corded brother.

AVT stands for Anti-Vibration Technology, and internal counterbalance system that reduces vibration, and it’s AWS compatible, allowing you to wirelessly power on and off your dust extractor. The AWS transmitter will be sold separately.

The new hammer will also feature multiple angle settings, soft start, LED lights, constant speed control and a variable speed dial and trigger.

Next up, are a pair of 40V 6” Angle Grinders with Active Feedback-Sensing Technology or AFT, that will turn off the motor if the wheel is suddenly forced to stop. The GAG07 has a slide switch, while the GAG08 has a paddle switch, which is the right one. Just say’n. 

Next up is my favorite, the new GSL02 40V Max XGT Brushless 8 ½” Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter SAw, with 4800 rpm, and a huge cutting capacity making quick work of even 3×12 material in a single pass. It can miter up to 60 degrees in either direction and bevel up to 48 degrees. It also has the only acceptable line marking technology, being an LED Blad Shadow as the Good Lord intended. Please stop using lasers everyone else. 

It also features a rail-forward design so you can push this thing closer to a wall which is always appreciated.

The XGT line already has a good start in the OPE department, but now they’re adding a 40V Max 565 CFM blower with a telescoping nozzle, which… who doesnt’ want that? Plus a new 40V Max XGT Brushless 15” String Trimmer. 

And to remind us that the new XGT platform isn’t just about high end power tools, but also a complete battery platform, they’re also adding a few odds and ends like a 40V max XGT Bluetooth radio, 13” fan, and a 2 port USB charging adapter. 

Last of all they’re adding a XGT 5Ah battery, which, and brace yourself for this math boys, runs 25% longer than the 4Ah. Well done.

What do you guys say? Convinced yet? XGT stuff still feels a little scarce at the moment, but Makita seems determined to build an entirely new eco system based on a bigger, more capable 40 and 80V platform. Are you ready? I for one welcome our new XGT overlords. 

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