The PERFECT EXCUSE to BUY Festool. Plus your power tool news! S3E33

Kyle tells us if we should care about Festool anymore and we find out once and for all, which tracksaw is the best! This… is your Power tool week in review. Welcome back power tool fans. It’s August 14th, 2020, and today we have some power tool news, and all the tool videos you won’t want to miss. Let’s get to it…

Tool Review Zone

We’re gonna start off this week in the Tool Review Zone, where clint decides to check in on the DeWALT 20V Oscillating Tool after using it for two years. Now Clint is a passionate guy, and he’s passionate about his tools. That’s what makes him a good tool reviewer, but this time… uhhhh… 

Quotes like “This is probably one of my favorite DeWALT tools ever”, “It goes through, like butter”, “and that’s real nice like”, “However, it is extremely smooth. So smooth”, “you also got that sweet sweet led light right here”, and “So am I as excited about this two years later, since the initial review, hell yeah. DeWALT, I’m giving you the golf clap” *clap clap clap*”.

You know, I want to say “Hey Clint, you do you buddy” but I’m honestly worried about what that looks like. If you’re on the fence about buying a DeWALT Oscillating tool, or just taking one on a date, head over to the tool review zone on youtube.

Scott Brown Carpentry

Moving over to the other side of the planet, Scott Brown finally gets his hands on a legendary Martinez hammer. Previously Mr. Brown has been using the Vaughan Dalluge, which he’s rather happy with, but after seeing the Martinez M1 all over Instagram and Youtube, well…. He had to have it. After a few weeks on the jobsite, he likes it.

He calls out the ability to swap out the grip or head, but found the heavier head to be either a blessing, or a curse. Overall? He says “It’s great. It’s great!”. But when it comes down to getting the job done, You have to consider every cost and benefit. He still went with his Vaughan Dalluge. If you haven’t made your mind up, check out Scott Brown Carpentry on Youtube.

RR Buildings

So I was writing this week’s episode early this week, and I was stuck finding content for this spot, when Youtube told me that Kyle from RR Buildings was about to launch a youtube premiere about Festool. So here we are.

Kyle isn’t commonly found with a Festool in his hands, but this week he made an exception for the all new Festool TID 18, the first of many promised cordless tools with Festool features but, well, let’s call it Milwaukee prices. He compares the new impacts to a few of his favorites, including the Metabo HPT Triple Hammer, which he doesn’t plan to replace.

Kyle brings up an interesting point of view. He concludes that when you’re putting an impact to work for a full day on a jobsite, speed and power are less important than ergonomics. To learn more about the Festool TID 18 or to be a part of the discussion head over to RR Buildings on youtube.

Tool Box Buzz

Our last stop is with the crew over at Tool Box Buzz, who just launched their most ambitious head 2 head yet… track saws.

If you’re watching our show, you likely don’t need me to tell you how detailed and over the top the Tool Box Buzz Head 2 head videos are, and this one is no different. Rob and his merry men set out to determine the best track saw between the Bosch, DeWALT, Festool, Mafell and Makita. The video is a long 26 minutes, filled with every possible thing you could want or need to know about any of these highly functional saws. If you’re still cutting boards with a straight edge like a chump, then head over to tool box buzz on youtube.

Construction Junkie

It’s time again for our construction industry news, courtesy of the Construction Junkie. 

If you’ve got something you’d like to throw away, we can always count on California to find a way to recycle it. This time, they’re aiming to recycle our roads.

A company called Technisoil, because we all know you just need to merge the word techni with whatever you’re trying to modernize, is working with the state of California to test a new re-paving process that literally grinds up the old asphalt, mixes it with recycled plastic bottles, and puts it back on the ground. And apparently, it will last 2 to 3 times longer than standard asphalt. A mile of this stuff would use up 150,000 plastic bottles!

Sean Weaver, the president of Technisoil said that in this 1000 ft strip of road, they were able to eliminate 42 trucks of hauled off millings, PLUS the 42 truckloads of new asphalt they would have otherwise used. Overall the 1000 ft test segment will cost 3.2 million. If this works out, pretty soon we’ll all need to increase our plastic bottle waste just to keep up.

I’ve mentioned the robot dog from Boston Dynamics about 20 times on this show, but not today. This is the Trek camera, built by FARO, which is designed to generate complex 3D scans of your jobsite on a daily basis, which can then be used with artificial intelligence to track construction progress, safety standards and more. The scanner features a built-in 8 megapixel HDR camera, an IP 54 rating and runs on a 4.5 hour battery. This specific camera is designed to mount to a … well, let’s call it an artificial electrically motivated canine shaped mechanical conveyance.

For more on those stories, and the rest of your construction industry news, head over to


Travis from ToolsByDesign got a hold of the yet to be released Ryobi ONE+ Power File and gave us all a sneak peek.

Hugh of HDCarpentry offered a closer look at Hilti’s newly updated 22v and 12V tools

And Handcrafted_by_trey showed off this old porter cable pocket hole jig that looks like at any minute it could turn into an autobot. Turns out this beast isn’t made anymore, which makes me sad. Because if I’m gonna make pocket holes, I want to do it with that crazy machine!

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