The Most REQUESTED PACKOUT kit is HERE! It’s been a long wait, but Milwaukee finally says YES!

The Milwaukee PACKOUT system has absolutely exploded over the last couple of years, and it’s grown to include radios, drawers, vacuums, lighting, and more. But there’s one Packout you’ve been asking for since the beginning, and today, Milwaukee finally delivers. Let’s Go!

These are the new Packout First Aid Kits. Including a 204 piece Class B Type III Kit, and a 76 piece Class A Type III Kit. Both kits are packed with first aid essentials specifically chosen for Jobsite use. 

The new Kits are IP65 rated weather-sealed to protect bandages, adhesives, antibiotics, and others from rain and job site debris. And since these kits are expected to travel through job sites, they use internal bins that keep everything in their place. The transparent lid helps you quickly identify the contents. They feature heavy-duty latches and hinges and wall hangers making them even easier to store. 

You guys have been asking for these for a long time, and now that they’re here, you’ll have to decide if the price is right. The Class A kit will be $69.97

and the Class B will be $129.97. Both will be available this June.

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