The Milwaukee Tool NO ONE talks about. WHY?

THIS WEEK, TTC Confuses Ridgid for Milwaukee, We find a huge 24 tooth test, Clint gives the Milwaukee Mower one more try And Tool Test Raw is back! 

Welcome back power tool fans, we’re ready to announce our next LIVE $2,000 Power Tool giveaway, but first, the boys at PTR got one hand on the FLEX one handed recip saw, which, I guess makes sense!

Pro Tool Reviews | FLEX One Handed Recip Review

Josh, after using the FLEX for a while, noted that he liked the LEDs, the rubber over molding grip which made it easier to control even under sweaty conditions, and found it to be well balanced even with a larger FLEX battery. After a series of tests cutting through nail embedded lumber, PVC pipe and metal tubing they gave it an overall 9.5 out of 10 rating. Which seems pretty high. You can see the full review at Pro Tool Reviews.

Tools & Stuff | Makita Shenanigans

Here at Belts And Boxes, we’re strong proponents of using tools properly. That is unless you can think of a fun or hilarious way to use one, in which case, welcome to the show! Speaking of, our buddy Tools decided that his Makita 40V XGT Impact Wrench could also be an auger. Why not!?

A few weeks ago he covered the new makita 40V Earth Auger, and even put on boots to test it. And while he was playing with that purpose built tool, he decided to try it with an XGT drill, and it did pretty good! So of course that wasn’t enough for his fans, who rushed to the comments to demand he try it with an XGT impact, so he did. And the results were not as spectacular as the drill, but Tools did a great job of turning it into a learning experience, all while using tools incorrectly. I’m here for it. You can catch it at Tools & Stuff.

Komplete Tech Crew | Milwaukee Chains Vise

It’s been a hot minute since we checked in with Komplete Tech Crew, and this week he unleashed a barrage of new tool videos, including a Milwaukee tool that doesn’t get a lot of coverage. 

This is the all new Milwaukee 6” leveling tripod chain vise. It’s specifically designed to secure up to six inch pipe for cutting or threading. It weighs 50lbs making it incredibly portable yet heavy and sturdy enough to get the job done. It appears to be very easy to set up and use, but perhaps it’s most valuable feature is folding away and taking up very little space in your truck. Besides a feature walk through you’ll find a complete instructional demonstration at Komplete Tech Crew.

Torque Test Channel | Ridgid Vs Milwaukee

Ok, you guys all know that the same company makes Milwaukee and Ridgid…and HART, Ryobi, Orek, Dirt Devil… and so on. So when RIDGID launched their new 18V 4 Mode ½” High Torque Impact Wrench, and it looked a wee bit like a Milwaukee, many of us naturally wondered, just how different are they, if different at all.

Thanks to our friends, Torque, test and channel over at Torque Test Channel, the channel that test tool torque with tool torque testing tools, we have an answer. They first put the new RIDGID to work, so they could put it on their never ending list of torque tested tools. anyways, they put the RIDGID through their normal run of torque tests, got the numbers they needed, but then proceeded to open it up, along with a Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2767 to see if these are twins, or just brothers from another mother. That mother being TTI. To find out which high torque tool has the most torque, head over to Torque Test Channel. 

Tool Box Buzz | 24 Tooth Framing Blade Head to Head

SARAH>>> So do you guys remember the crazy automated circular saw rig that Rob Robillard built for his circular saw test? Yeah that one! Well after testing saws, Rob realized he could use the same setup to test blades, and that’s exactly what he did.

They gathered the best of the best in the 7 ¼” 24 tooth arena, including examples from Crescent, DeWALT, DIABLO, Makita, Milwaukee and Spyder. To test each one, they found a long piece of wood with 94 nails already hammered in it. Super convenient! Then they used their saw testing rig, which includes a clever Accu-cut sled, pulled by a line with an 11lb weight on the end. And yes, it looks incredibly fun to do, and we all get to learn something in the process. These 24 tooth framing blades are designed to get the job done fast, not pretty. So they decided an extreme setup, including 94 nails, was perfect for testing these inexpensive blades. If you’re in need of a new blade for your circ saw, I’d suggest you stop by Tool Box Buzz, first. 

Tool Review Zone | Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mower

The Milwaukee M18 Mower, was released a few months ago, and ever since, you guys have been more than happy to argue in the comments over it’s power, price, and let’s be honest, purpose.

Clint was over in the tool review zone this week, and decided to see if it not only lived up to the hype, but up to the price. As for the hype, yeah, it’s pretty safe to say that Clint was very impressed with the Milwaukee’s features, but most importantly, the power that comes from two M18 batteries. As we’ve pointed out before, this mower was designed specifically for professional landscaping work, which is why it’s shifted away from runtime, and heavily into the power category. That’s also what pushed the price to levels previously unseen in the battery powered 21” category. So how do you decide if it’s worth buying for your own yard? Well Clint has your answer. “If price is no object, then this is the mower you’re going to want to want.” and now I want to want it too. For the full review head over to the Tool Review Zone.

Mark Thomas Builder | Milwaukee M12 Clamping Fan

About a month a go we broke the news on a new Milwaukee M12 Clamping Fan coming from you guessed it, Milwaukee. And this week Mark got a hold of one, and not only put it to work, but took the time to modify it for his PACKOUT. Kinda.

THIS is the Milwaukee M12 Clamping Fan. It features a 360 degree rotating head, 3 speed settings, topping out at 400 CFM at 14 mph. It has a pair of super powerful magnets on the bottom, and of course it’s 2” spring loaded clamp, making it easy to put just about anywhere you need it. But Mark wasn’t satisfied with all of that, so he asked his son to 3d print a few PACKOUT cleats, and then built a small clamping surface for the top of his PACKOUT stack, and just like that, a packout fan! Kinda! Sorta? I’m here for it.  Mark also tested runtime, and tried the magnets on every surface he could find. For the full review head over to MarkThomasBuilder.

VCG Construction | The Return of Tool Test Raw

Our last stop is over at VCG, where this week, we all witnessed the return of TOOL TEST RAW! It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen the very cool gang go at it live, and this time they didn’t disappoint!

Vince and Jimmy grabbed the newest DeWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Cordless ½” Drill Driver, the DCD800 and the Milwaukee 2701 M18 compact brushless ½” Drill Driver, and threw them in the ring LIVE where they drove wood screws, self taping metal screws, structural lag fasteners, and repeatedly drilled holes in both wood and metal. And before you all start complaining, yes, they did use a DeWALT PowerSTACK battery. If you’ve never experienced a TTR before, we highly recommend it. And at the end of this one, Vince promised that there are many more to come. You can find it over at VCG Construction.

Truewerk | The Build Show

Have you guys ever seen Truewerk gear before? They make some amazing gear designed to survive the many challenges of the jobsite, in style and comfort. Sure you have. What about, I don’t know, THE BUILD SHOW? Well they just got together to make some new BUILD gear together, and put it in Matt’s first merch store, on the Truewerk website! They have a new tshirt, a hoodie, and a trucker hat. So if you’re a fan of either the build show, Truewerk, or even Matt Risinger, we’ll link to his new store here.

So tomorrow was supposed to be our monthly live show giveaway, but we’ll be out of town, so we’re moving it to the 7th of May. Which is when we’ll once again randomly call one of our channel members, and let them pick from one of 4 prize shelves, each with over $2,000 worth of new power tools, and Spyder accessories. Because what good are pro tools without pro accessories. So be sure you don’t miss that.

We want to thank FLEX And Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. If you can, do something kind for someone else this weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

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