The MILWAUKEE PIPELINE Tools have arrived, and we tell you who has them! Tool News S3E35

A bunch of Milwaukee PIPELINE tools are out and DeWALT helps Mark get organized. This… is your Power tool week in review.

Welcome back power tool fans. It’s August 28th, 2020, and today we have some power tool news, and all the tool videos you won’t want to miss. Let’s get to it…

It’s been a short week since the Milwaukee PIPELINE event gave us all a look at the future of Milwaukee tools. But did you realize that a ton of these new tools are already in the hands of testers? We have a complete list for you so you don’t miss a single one.

First up we have Tool Box Buzz, who got both the M12 and M18 Fuel Multi Tools. They posted a full review video over on their channel.

Next, Deboss Garage got a hold of the new Extended Anvil version of the Milwaukee 1” D-Handle Impact Wrench. He posted a long 22 minute video and put it to the test through a variety of tasks.

Stan the Dirt Monkey was handed the M12 FUEL Hatchet Pruning Saw and really put the thing to work on his property. I’m super anxious to do the same this weekend.

Murray over at Kruger Construction was the first to get his hands on the M18 Packout Vacuum, so you can be sure he’s locking his doors at night. It looks amazing so far.

The boys over at Pro Tool Reviews got the new compact and Mid-Torque impact wrenches already and posted a detailed look at each one.

That’s all we have so far, but we’ve heard that VCG will be the first to get the new Pin Nailer when it becomes available, so keep an eye on their channel for that.

Mark Thomas Builder

With all the attention that the new DeWALT ToughSystem 2.0 has been getting, Mark thinks we may be missing some clever innovation in the DeWALT isle of your local Home Depot. This is the DeWALT 12 Compartment Flip Bin, and this thing is clever. At first glance it looks like one of many vertically arranged, see-thru bin, storage systems. But the twist, well, it’s at the top. With the turn of that yellow button, all 12 bins are locked, turning this into a mobile accessories case. This is actually really smart, and I’m wondering if any of you have seen anything like this before. Mark is using it to store his electrical fittings, making them accessible both in his shop, and anywhere he may need to work. And for those of us obsessed with labeling things? It comes with those too. To get a closer look, visit Mark over at MarkThomasBuilder on Youtube.

Tools in Action

Our buddies over at Tools In Action decided to give the Metabo HPT Hybrid Miter Saw a go and they review it from 3:30 to 6:30. I’ll explain. The Metabo HPT, not to be confused with Metabo NOT HPT, produces a series of Hybrid power tools that can either run on their 36V battery or plug into a standard 110 outlet using their adapter. The 10” Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw has been enjoying a ton of good reviews recently, and this one isn’t any different. Eric specifically loves how easy it is to move around only when you need to. But if you know Eric and Dan, you’ll know you have to dig a little bit to find the review in their video. This time, it’s after the movie debate, parking sign story, and friendship confirmation, and it’s just before the channel explanation, similarities between modern impacts, and a long discussion on the current state of pickup truck brands. That’s 3:30 to 6:30. Or you can just do what we do, and enjoy these guys being, these guys, at tools in action on YouTube.

Construction Junkie

It’s time again for our construction industry news, courtesy of the Construction Junkie. At the risk of body shaming a piece of construction equipment, this is a fat truck. More specifically, this is the Fat Truck 2.8 c from Zeal Motor. It’s a four wheeled all-terrain off road vehicle dominated by 4 enormous tires that can adjust their air pressure dynamically based on it’s current terrain. It’ll take 8 people over land, and sea. It’s powered by a Cat 2.2C industrial engine, all controlled by a joystick. This little monster is designed to adapt to just about any jobsite, so you can tackle any job. And at only $127,500, it may just be your best bet for the next time we experience a covid-free Black Friday Sale. If you need a new tool for an important job, but can’t afford or justify the price of that tool, rental is always a great option, and starting this August, Lowes wants to help you out with that.

Announced just this last week, Lowes will be rolling out a tool rental program for contractors. They plan to offer commercial-grade equipment from Husqvarna, Bosch, Metabo HPT, Skillsaw and more. They say we can expect tools from many different categories including concrete tools, ladders, paint and drywall, plumbing, power tools, tile saws, demolition tools and even trailers. They plan to dedicate up to 4000 square feet of space for tool service, on-site cleaning and demos. I wonder if they’ll be renting EGO?  For more on those stories, and the rest of your construction industry news, head over to 

Swinging over to Instagram,We got a tip this week that lead us to Ryan David English, who used an EGO Nexus Powerstation to light up their entire band practice after the electric went out.

Our buddies at Wooden Laser used a Makita Chain Mortiser to cut a ton of mortices in some huge lumber for fence posts. No clue that tool even existed.

And Paul the ToolPig is giving away one of his all time favorite tools, the XRU15 x2 15” Trimmer. All you have to do is go follow him and Makita!

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