The Job Site EXO Suit is HERE! Will you wear one? Power Tool Week In Review S3E10

The Perkins Bros give us the “Over Under”, OZ Tool Talk is in this episode twice for some reason, and Vince gives us a Tool Top 10 list you won’t want to miss! All of those stories and more coming up in this week’s Power Tool Week In Review! Friday March 6th 2020!

We usually try to ease you guys into the tool news each week, but not today. Let’s learn something! If you’re not familiar with Project Farm, prepare to lose your weekend. This guy loves to test products, and this week he set his sights on impact driver bits. 10 different brands! Using all Philips number 2 bits, he demonstrated the greatest amount of testing dedication I have ever seen, but screwing in 1000 drywall screws into 4×4’s. No thanks. Fortunately you can save yourself the RMI by visiting Project Farm on YouTube.

Did you know you’re rolling up your electrical cables wrong? Well the Perkins Builder Brothers aim to fix that with a guide to the “over” “under” technique for rolling your cables. They not only teach you the process, but they also demonstrate the difference between the “over under”, and the “over over” style, by tossing each across the job site with varying results. You can learn for yourself at Perkins Builder Brothers on YouTube.

Normally we turn to Vince and the Very Cool Gang for pro tool advice, but not today. This week Vince decided to turn his attention to the DIY Homeowner, and put together a top 10 list of tools you need to have to get the basics done at home. The list includes several of the usual suspects, including pencils, PPE, screw driver, knife, but most importantly, Coffee! For the entire list, head over to VCG Construction on YouTube.

The Ozzie’s are back reminding us that it sucks here, because it’s summer there! This time Mike and Dwayne head outside to try the entire line of EGO’s Commercial backpack system, which includes a blower, hedge trimmer, brush cutter and line trimmer. They seem to be really happy with the power, and the versatility that comes with keeping the power on your back. They’re quick to admit they’re not pro landscapers, and can’t comment on the pricing of the system, but I’m willing to bet some of you pros can answer that for them in the comments. You’ll find the video at Oz Tool Talk on YouTube.

This week Shane from Construction Junkie shared an update on job site exoskeletons. There are currently 3 major players in the space, including Exso Bionics, Fraco, and Levitate Technologies. Each one aims to use passive spring and tension systems to reduce strain on workers who have to carry heavy things, or hold tools over their head for long periods of time. Each one takes a slightly different aim at the problem, but all three make you look cool, so it doesn’t really matter which one you buy.

Next, there’s a new robot dog on the playground, and this one is cheaper. Not sure that’s a good thing when it comes to buying robots, but this one still looks good. This is Spirit, from Ghost Robotics. This guy doesn’t look strong enough to carry your tools for you, but like Spot from Boston Dynamics, they expect that by the 2nd quarter of this year, he’ll be walking around inspecting job sites, and scaring the crap out of workers holding dangerous tools. Hooray for progress! For these and all your construction industry news, be sure to visit Construction Junkie dot come, and tell them Rob is over at Belts and Boxes, stealing all their content.

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