The GAS vs ELECTRIC WAR gets serious in Australia. We’re all doomed. And more Power Tool News! S3E14

Coming up next, The Auzzies play with Chainsaws, Nate tattles on Makita, and Thibault tries to hide from me by changing his name… It’s Friday, April 3rd, 2020, This is your Power tool week in review.

Even though the world is still staying home, there are still a ton of awesome power tool videos to help you maintain your sanity. Let’s get to it shall we?

Kenny from Pro Tool Reviews kicks us off this week, with a bright idea from Makita. Makita has been <flooding> us with a ton of new job site lighting solutions, including this new 18V LED Flood and Spotlight, that reaches an incredible 700 yards. It features 90 degrees of rotation, a rafter hook and  comes in any color you want as long as it’s teal. Kenny seems to love the strap more than anything else, and holds it like this for nearly 35 minutes strait. No idea why. To see if you’d like this new light as much at Kenny does, visit Pro Tool Reviews on YouTube.

With Sarah out of the studio, I thought I  wouldn’t have to deal with OZ tool talk for a while… but she’s making me. Dwyane headed out to Mike’s work site where they setup an awesome 8 model chainsaw battle that included 7 of our favorite electric chainsaws, and 1 Stihl 32cc saw that runs on Petrol… which is Australian for beer. Or gas. I’m not sure. The goal here was to determine whether any of these models can match the power of a 32cc gas saw, and the answer was “yes”, as long as you choose the Milwaukee, DeWALT or Ego, with Ego being the strongest. And NO, their video is NOT sponsored by Ego… but this one is. Thanks for the bump boys!

Todd from Project Farm is back with another un-sponsored tool review, this time testing out drill bit sharpeners. He’s got 8 different models! Some of them are far more conventional, while others are bit more unique. Todd settles on a $22 model that works with a bench grinder. I just buy new bits. I’m part of the problem… I know. But tool shopping is fun.

Our last stop on YouTube is with our favorite spaceman, who is once again pissing off tool manufacturers for our benefit. Nate once again raids the patent website, this time digging up a bunch of Makita goodies, including a cordless belt sander, framing nailer and a new line of 64V Max batteries, which he speculates would be an answer to Milwaukee’s MX line of tools. The most interesting of the bunch would be the exoskeleton designed specifically to support a heavy drill used in overhead jobs. If you want to spoil Makita Christmas for yourself, just head over to Doresoom Tool Reviews on YouTube.

 It’s time for a quick stop over at construction junkie for our industry news. The tech industry is still determined to replace us all with robots, but until then, they seem willing to settle with Cyborgs. To enhance our work force, yet another exo-suit maker has tossed their gear onto the job site. This time Colas, the paving contractor, not the dentists retirement plan, has joined up with a french robotic company called RB3D, to create an exoskeleton called EXOPUSH, specifically for construction… more specific than that, road construction… and more specific than that, ranking asphalt. Wow that is a really specific exo-suit. Their next model will only help foreman scream at you if you’re late. This version provides 110 pounds of thrust, which is sure to satisfy. For all the details and innuendo, head over to construction 

On over at Instagram, Travis introduced us all to Billy the Kid, a Nigerian dwarf goat. As if that wasn’t enough, he promises to get him another goat buddy soon. He said the goat likes tools, so I figured it made sense to feature him here.

Thibault, also known as The French Canadian Carpenter, aka the French MTL Framer, showed off his new FLEX Vac, which he used to clean up his Tesla. I’m sorry… I’m just being told he changed his name again, this time to French MTL Carpentry. Well, that’s cool too. You can change your name a hundred times Thibault, I’m still going to follow you. And hide in your bushes to make sure you’re safe at night. What? If Sarah was here she would have cut me off after a single joke. This’ll teach you guys to leave me here alone!

Murray from Kruger Construction showed off his new diamond back belt, all tooled up for trimming out his newly finished basement. 

Completely cordless shared his labeling system to manage his batteries, and asked “How do you manage yours?” – Well, I use them, leave them anywhere when they’re dead, and they all show up charged and where they belong. I never ask why. …. Can you hear Sarah screaming 20 miles away as I say that?

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