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Whatever your personal options are about governments spending massive amounts of money on space programs or military technology one thing is clear, we get some sweet technology when it eventually trickle down to everyday consumer products.

Navy Seal Scope

I can vividly remember the first time I saw the capabilities of a thermal camera in action as a younger guy, a 1990 film called Navy Seals where a sniper named Dane (Bill Paxton) used a Barrett M82A1 with the thermal scope to pick off bad guys through concrete walls! There was simply nowhere to find for those who look to do harm to Charlie Sheen band of heroes. There was a long time this technology was limited to these types of military applications however a short 25 years later Flir is putting this same technology in your pocket for daily use.

Of course this is not new technology for public use as professional trades have been using thermal imaging for years, however they are getting more and more common place. For electricians, plumbers, remodelers, maintenance and others as the price goes down and availability goes up there will be many new ways these devices can be helpful in estimating, trouble shooting and safety. The FlirOne will no doubt take these practices to the next level as it will literally put the technology in everyone’s pocket.

What will be most interesting about this camera is all the new areas of thermal imaging usefulness that might popup by putting this technology in the hands of anyone with $350 and an iPhone. I know I wasn’t the only one who watched the movie Navy Seals and though “I will own one of those”. Flir has also opened the App up for developers so this will likely be the hardware piece many new apps are created around. Empowered customer at the Golden Buffets will soon be able to complain the heating temperature of their food pans.  This will no doubtably be very interesting stuff, we can’t want to see where it goes. See more on their website –

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